Saturday, 14 September 2013

9\\ tourist trap

Just ended my three months long holidays (ended about two weeks ago actually). We'd made so many plans during exam period but none of it worked. Big bro Hang deserves a golden medal for booking the apartment, planning this trip, fetching us there and even making us breakfast! If weren't for the last minute, nothing will get done, there won't be a perfect escape for all of us.

Woke up 4am, drive up to Mossy Forest for the view, which is another sudden plan we did the night before. Too bad it was too misty, there's nothing we can see.
 Us at 2000m above sea level.

Went to the Boh tea plantation for our breakfast. This place is so chilly, especially we took the outdoor seats and every time the wind blows, we shivered. I guess it is a cool way to torture ourselves. Pun intended! 
 Candid shot by May.
  Laarnia with her big ass self-picked strawberry.

After two days of fun, we headed to Lavender Farm before going back to the city again. We spotted this place on the first day and decided that we really have to come for the sake of the colorful flowers!
 Sea of flowers.

Our definition of ugly face.
 Lenny and I ordered this lavender scones which is surprisingly delicious!

  A group photo to mark the end of our trip.

Albeit it was only a 3days2nights trip, this whole trip was truly memorable, super grateful that all 6
of us could make it even thou we are all busy with our work. Can't wait for the next trip together, make sure it is a last minute plan to get it done!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

8\\ NY x NY

just an #ootd post. was wearing this NY cap and an oversize NY tee. but i doubt that it looks oversize on me, MEH! attended an ex neighbor's wedding last weekend, how time flies. we were so young and all we knew was hide and seek and other childhood games. deep in me, i always wish that i've never shifted away from that area, cause i guess i had miss time growing up with a bunch of good friends.
Been lazing at home for the past few days. Finish reading another Gidden's book, and met a few friends before they fly to UK. More to come! (:

x, jo

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

7\\ monkey beach x aug video diary

photos from the previous trip. on the first gif, that was me being me, playing with the rope swing like a monkey on the monkey beach. haha. too bad no video taken, but photos. lack of courage made the stopping quite indecent(should have just jump as it wouldn't hurt much, aite?)! the escape to the monkey beach was almost perfect, not bringing extra clothing to the beach was one biggest regret! or else we could really spend more time on the beach and touch on some water activities!

too many days spent wandering and filling myself up with plans, and finally succeeded on my carbonara experiment! ahhhhh! such a talented girl. *flipshair* also planning to bake bread pudding *fingerscrossed*.

if you were to ask, i'm actually quite used to life without wifi connections now (yes, no have network installation yet), and actually feeling a lil grateful, though the bad phone network service still pisses me off at times. the point that I'm feeling grateful is because of the fact that I could use more of my time doing something better instead of sticking to the laptop 24/7. i could finally pick my lazy ass up to really start baking, when all the other times I would choose to scroll on facebook. i could finally pick up some books to read 'em, when all other times I would just watch an overrated movie. that's a life i never thought i would live, before abandoning internets. well, c'est la vie. life is full of uncertainties. (:

i could really use more times like this and opppss! words overflowing! haha. as promised, here's the video diary. enjoy! hope you like it.