Saturday, 25 January 2014

30\\ after you @ central world

Strawberry Platter. 155 Baht

Iced Strawberry Tea. 85 Baht

Giant Chocolate Lava. 235 Baht

Matcha Latte. 115 Baht

Sawadeeka! The trouble to deferring to blog about Bangkok trip is that I can hardly remember anything. Fortunately for me I've took photos of the menu, or else I can't even tell what we ordered. Heh! Anyway, I think Malaysia just need more of these dessert cafes. I am definitely not a coffee lover, but desserts, who would say no to dessert? I think this business will do berry good here. Haha.

We did a few research before heading to Bangkok, and After You is in must-visit list. On our list, we have Mango Tango too, but sadly we can't find the place, and everyone was too tired to walk. We wanted to visit it the next day, but we were too tired, again. Lol. Thus, no Mango Tango, sad! BUT!! After You is good enough. Didn't order their famous honey toast, because we went after dinner. So we only ordered two smaller portion desserts, Giant Chocolate Lava (which is not so giant after all), and Strawberry Platter. Strongly recommend the Giant Chocolate Lava tho. Couldn't drink cold drinks as red aunty attacks, so I ordered a hot matcha latte. But took a sip of the Strawberry Iced Tea, and it tastes just as good. Mmm mmm!

Also, they have few other branches around, not sure the whole Thailand or only Bangkok. But if you have the opportunity to visit Bangkok, drop by After You, you won't regret will regret if you don't. Teehee!

Follow them on FB and instagram.

Till then!


Sunday, 19 January 2014

29\\ excuse the tiny eyes

top: fashunicorn
skirt: H&M
bag: gift
Especially when smiling, contrary to the title. I don't know how some people could make their eyes bigger just by make ups. Mine is almost impossible, maybe bigger than usual, but it totally fails when I smile. Like you can't actually tell if it's open, or not. Dammit.

Outfit for a day out with the family. I remember hating on wearing skirts, somehow still feels insecure in it. Especially when strong wind blows, when walking under strong air-conditioners, when walking down the stairs. Anyhoo, spot the blurry picture of my dream catcher on my photo above! Bought it from Bangkok for 250 Baht, and it somehow it still works on me, though I rarely have nightmares. Touch wood - literally touching wood.

... and I shall continue doing assignment (forever). Till then.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

28\\ Lucy In The Sky Cafe

As promised, blog post about the Lucy In The Sky cafe located in Petaling Street.

Used to hang out a lot around Petaling Street since my college was around that area, but it is really hard to find somewhere quiet with relaxing music playing while spending rest of the day with friends here. Normally we go to Moontree-house or recently, Amo cafe. Found this hidden gem in China town through instagram and added it to my cafe-hunting list.

pancakes served with butter, syrup and jam
Honestly I'm not a big fan of pancakes. The only pancake I take most of the time is Mcdee but I read review about their light and fluffy pancakes and decided to give it a try. These thick, spongy pancakes are by far the best pancakes I've ever tried, extra delicious eaten warm with slightly melted butter.

Jo's flat white
Cafe latte for me
Spent a short afternoon talking about everything with Jo after class. I have to admit that I am totally over attached to her. I thought I didn't meet her for months, in fact we met 2 weeks back on new year eve. Thou we whatsapp each other from time to time but still, nothing beats face to face meet up for gossip session like this!

I was telling Jo that I am going to blog about this but I have no photos to post except for two cups of coffee. Since when did we stop taking selfie hanging out together? I brought 3 cameras (4 to be exact including my phone) because I knew we are going out. THREE! Yet no pretty photo was taken! I dont know but I am feeling sad and old now. So, here you go, a photo of Jo talking on the phone.

And no, they didn't play Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. No even once after been there for twice.

I have to  mention that Jm called me all the way from UK just because I told her I was unhappy! I was suspicious when I saw a UK number I thought it was a phone scam but the moment she said ''hello'' I knew it was her and I shouted her name out of joy. The phone call lasted for less than a minute but I am so thankful and touched for the effort she made to confirm that I am fine despite that she is busy working on her assignment and I know it ain't cheap to call back.  I am super duper touched I almost cried after hanging up. Feeling so loved it totally made my day! Loveeee you Jm, can't wait to see you in UK!

xx, Shan

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

27\\ jo's annual wishlist

1. 1887 Collection watch; Solvil et Titus.
2. Saffiano Leather Mini-City Bag (navy blue); Zara.
3. Cherry Lane Stacey (bluebell); Kate Spade.
4.  Large Selma Top-Zip Satchel; MICHAEL Michael Kors.
5. Gold Floral Ring; Pandora.
6. Fujifilm Instax 210 Film Camera Hello Kitty; Lazada.
7. Lita Cap Boots (white); StyleNanda.

In the midst of doing assignment. And good news to myself, we finally have internet at home(!!) Omg, it has been one difficult year for us. 2014 is starting good, God is good and more goodness to come. #cantbemorethankful

If and only if I was born rich, I'd buy all these in a flash. Especially the Kate Spade wallet and MK bag. Look back on the wishlist I made last year, I actually ticked on 3 out of 7 items. This year, at least four, pretty please? Urgently need a new wallet as the current one has a few strokes which made it awfully displeasing. Guess I'll be getting it real soon, could really use this lil bluebell for CNY. smirk. Been eyeing on this MK bag for long time. Definitely something for everything. But! It's too pricey, gotta save more for it. Meanwhile, the Zara bag would be great in a pinch. Almost perfect and lower price in compare. Was having a conversation with le boyfriend about studying abroad. It kinda bothers me awhile when we came to the fact that I'll be leaving in less than 9 months. But this is what I always wanted to do, to be more independent, and to explore the world. 

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” ― H. Jackson Brown Jr
Time passes very fast, meaninglessly, for me. Then I realized, it was because I did nothing with it. How can someone else's life so eventful but not mine? That totally depends on how you work things. This year, I gotta be very determined. For live, for no regrets. Let's make the days count. (:


Saturday, 11 January 2014

26\\ sunflower

I am a sucker for long dresses, even thou I always trip over my own dress. Wore this long orange dress from Topshop and simply throw on a denim jacket so I wont catch a cold in the class. No, I dont normally dress up for class. I am so unawake in the morning that I never try hard to look nice because that would mean waking up earlier. Sometimes I even continue my sleep on the way the college in my sister's car. Purposely dressed up because I thought I was going to meet up with Jo after class unfortunately it was canceled. It is really hard for us to meet up nowadays since most of my class is in the afternoon while hers is in the morning, and I really miss chit chatting with her. 

Anyway woke up earlier that morning so I'd look good and went to a new cafe named Lucy in The Sky around Petaling Street for breakfast. Their pancakes is to die for! Didnt take any good photo that day but I promise I will go again and take some nice shots. 

Bought myself a sunflower before going back to college for  my company law class. I remember someone used to compare me to a sunflower. Warm, cheerful and bright. That was when I was still in high school. I noticed that I dont laugh (for nothing) as often as I was, even became less talkative nowadays. Not that I'm no longer cheerful or warm now, just not as much compare to last time. Guess I'm growing up and it is a phrase everyone must go through? I know 2014 will be such a tough year, new subjects and it means more efforts needed in order to get good grades. With the sense of brightness and warmth of sunflower, I've learnt that every cloud has a silver linings with every obstacle that come our way, when we generate positivity, we create happiness. 

xx, Shan

Friday, 3 January 2014

25\\ Twenty-14

Second week of 2014, and I'm down with feverish, yet attended college, geez. Celebrated the last day of 2013 with some of my closest friends at home. Frankly speaking, it actually disappoints me a lil. So different from what I expected, and the process of making it works pissed me off so much that I wanted to call it off. But when I think about it again, it's the heart that counts. At least I get to spend time with the person I love being with, also exchanged gifts. Big hearts! Thanks for those who came and brought food. Especially unfinishable satay and chicken wings. Lol. No countdown and missed fireworks, but I absolutely love time when we sit around and talk nonsense.

Did a mini recap for 2013, thus making new year resolutions now. To be honest, I made new year resolutions almost every year, but it definitely didn't work on me, I really can't be bothered, and yes, I'm just not a discipline person. But this time round, it has gotta be different, must commit and keep up to these promises. Here's a TO-DO...

2014 resolutions!

1. Earn more save more!! 
Been telling Shan about this for 8125152659 times, and vice versa. But when the question HOW pops out, there will be no reply anymore. Lol. It's easy to think about it, it's also not that hard to save money, but how do we earn? At this stage where both of us are busy with our studies, it's really hard. So....

2. Blog more often!! 
Yes, that's one of the way I guess. Blog more, gain more readers, gain popularity then money come! Am I doing it right? But of course, we're not doing this only for money. Without passion, you can't do anything right. So true!

3. Get good grades
Clearly, I don't have passion on this. Lol. But getting good grades somehow link to better job better future, so why not? And that also means be less lazier. *takesdeepbreath* MUST DO THIS SHIT RIGHT!

4. Think positive, Be happy! 
I don't know about others, but I think I was a really cheerful girl last time. Not to say I'm very emo now, but less cheerful. I think it's just time that change me. Looking back at the old times, I take things very positively, and super motivated in doing all things. Back then I was very lazy too, but the level of laziness now and then is different. I don't get the mojo in doing anything. Moving my ass now is dang hard! Lol. At the first place, maybe I should get back the mojo and keep it living with me! So please count me out of negativity and maybe feel free to welcome me back for positivity. And perhaps you should too remind me to smile always.

5. Pick up new hobby(ies)
AHHHH! Forever just saying! But I really really want to learn to sew, not just sewing buttons, but clothes too! And take up some language courses, perhaps? Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish? Which one first? And where to learn? Someone please guide me.

6. Be productive
Not only blogging. Maybe try doing vlogs, tutorials, DIY and read more! Read 10 books last year, a great achievement compared to the previous years where I barely touch books. I decided to love book stores now.

7. Be more feminine
Also, must dress up more often. If you know me, if you've been to my room, you should have seen the explosion of my wardrobe space. Lol. But the thing is I often dressed simply. Simply as in just shorts and T-shirts. And often heading out wihtout make up. It's natural, but so unfeminine. Lol. Especially after my haircut, I'm a guy now. wtf. From now on, I must eat slow, talk soft, walk like a lady diva. Okay, maybe not the talk soft part, so geli. Can't even imagine myself talking softly.

8. Lose weight!!
Like they always say in Chinese,减肥是女人的终身事业!! So damn true! To be honest, I'm currently 60kg and and above, okay superwtf. The lightest I were was 50kg back in high school time, then blame puberty, I kept eating and no exercise, thus keep gaining weight. Then I finally lost about 5kg in 2012, before I met Drew, I was around 55-58. Then also because of him, I gained back all the fats, lack of alertness. HMPH! My aim now is to be 58 before CNY, and then 50 before I fly to UK!! Must lose weight! Must lose weight!! Must lose weight!!! Determination come to me!!!!

So far, 8 things to be achieved! 2014 please be very good to me.
Have you done with your new year resolutions yet? Share it with us, and let's get motivated together! Here we go again!

x, jo

24\\ 2013 finale

super unglam photos

Time passes so fast, last year's CNY seems just like yesterday. Really, I'm not even trying to have selective memories, but what was I doing during last year's new year eve? I can't recall. I only remember moving house, gosh! I think I left my brain back at the old house. wtf.

Anyway, summing up my 2013, it wasn't as great as I thought it should be. I thought being 21 is special, just like how I used to think about being an 18. But, 21 is a big deal, yet no big deal in real life. I guess I'm just aging. wtf(x2).

Let's see, I've finally graduated from A-Levels, which took me long enough as I was and still is super lazy. Survived from that, not with good grades, but still, yeahhhhh... Then done with my first year Law Degree in 8 months, which is very unexpected, as I thought I would at least fail one. But thank God, though no hard work compared to others, but yes.. I'm very thankful *patsownshoulder* And thinking of that, if I were to put more effort, I could have, COULD HAVE score A?! Lol. *thickskinlikedontknowwhat* I'm in my second year now, everything is harder. Land law is an ass, Company law is like doing Economics again, Tort law is boring and Evidence is fun but difficult. Life as a law student is really fucked up, a brain is never enough for all laws and cases. Hence, kinda explained why I don't have good memories now. And the above are somehow some kind of achievements, rite?

Travels: Been travelling to quite some places this year, a few road trips with friends and family and also a trip to Bangkok! I love trips like this, gotta do this more often, before I leave for UK. Korea, Japan, Maldives, wait for me!!!

And the biggest challenge of the year, is definitely the haircut challenge! From long to mid length then long again and then short!! I really like the half-shaved head, especially the one on Dara from 2NE1. Omfg, so pretty!

But I admit that I have no balls to try it out. Or should I say that the impulse of going half bald has faded. Doing things like this really need that sudden impact and a lot of courage.

But this length is good enough, still cute as usual. Lolol

Lastly, I would love to extend my gratitude to all friends, family and le boyfriend. Thank you to all of you for your loving. I wish we have more time together. If I could, I would just pack all of you into my luggage. Lol.

And looking at this new blog, we blogged 23 posts last year, great achievement Shan!! HIGH FIVE(when you see this)! Hahahah. 2013 ain't that bad after all.

Done with flashbacks, and new year resolutions post will be up soon! Stay tuned.