Tuesday, 18 March 2014

37\\ say braces

photo taken on 15 June 2013

After just 10 months of wearing braces, they are finally off! I didn't expect them to be taken off this early because my sister has hers for three years and she is still wearing it.

I was merely asking my orthodontist when can I take them off since I'm going off by September and he said ‘now' right after he checked everything. I went like 'WHAT? YOU SERIOUS?' and TADAAAA

photo taken 22 February 2014

I'm wearing retainer now only when I'm sleeping since it is the second month I am wearing it already. Supposed to meet my orthodontist for a check up and see how things are going but I am so satisfied with the result I didn't bother much. 

Nevertheless, braces off and I am happy. Kinda enjoying the emptiness of the inside of my mouth now when I lick my teeth with the tip of my tongue. *wink* 

Oh and yes, those are the same dress I'm wearing in the photo.

xx, shan

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

36\\ 5.3

Top: H&M
Skirt: Bangkok
Down with fever for the past few days. Wasted the whole weekend falling sick and slept for two days continuously. Weekend was supposed to be eventful but the fever ruined it all. Ended up doing nothing and kept lying on the bed like a sick kitty. Nyway, have you watched Oscars. I didn't watch it all, but I think Ellen did a really great job. Who would have order pizza during an Oscars live show, or a selfie with a bunch of stars. So damn cool ok!

Btw, about the outfit. It was taken few weeks back during CNY. Nothing much, was just pairing everything with red. Ended up pairing this loose knit jumper with a cute whale skort I got from Bangkok. And guess how much is it. 100Baht. Only 100 freaking Baht for a skort. Man, I can't wait to visit Bangkok again. Pretty please! Me want cheap cheap shopping!!!