Wednesday, 26 August 2015

79\\ homebound

Did not have any sign of 'I am going home' until I have to book a train ticket to the Manchester Airport last night.

Yeah, I'm now sitting at the airport waiting for departure. Recalling the first day I was here, anxious and worried. Call me cheesy but I'm going to miss UK.

I've met new people in life.
I've done things I'd never tried before.
I've been to places I never thought I'll be going to.

But now, I am going home.

Friday, 7 August 2015

78\\ Graduated.

I did it. Wearing the graduation robe and mortarboard I've been longing for.
There are so many people that I  need to thank.

My parents, who'd given me all they can to send me to Liverpool so I can finish my degree in the best study environment. 

My friends, just when I thought I'm going to spend a year in UK alone, you guys surprised me, We spent so much time together, I'd call us family. 

Including my Malaysian friends whom overcome the time difference and listen to me when I'm stressed or when I'm in anger.

Liverpool was great and that;s because all of you made it happened.
The sleepless nights, curry laksa at 4am, insanely cold winter, and each of you.

I hope I made you proud when I tell you,


xx, shan

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

77\\ Graduated

This post is (more than) a week old, and that's how long I've been in Liverpool. Felt ultimately guilty for not updating the blog for three months, but we were busy travelling, moving around and now I'm here in Liverpool to attend Shan's convo. I intended to update it during this free time, but I don't have the my laptop with me, so yeahhhh... sounds like a good excuse

Anyway, congratulations to Shan Shan again! *pops confetti!* Officially a law graduate, oh btw, me too! YAY! *pops champagne* But my convo will be around September and Shan will be back in Malaysia already, ugh!

I was supposed to show some gratitude, but why?! It's her convo, she's supposed to do this post. *stares* I'll leave it to her and do mine after my convo. wtf