Saturday, 5 December 2015

83\\ postcard addiction

I've started postcrossing a year ago and I'm still doing it today.

The basic idea is to send a postcard to a random address assigned to you and receive a surprise mail back from a random person in the world.

It all started last year when I was still in UK, I came across the official postcrossing website and sent my first postcard. I couldn't stop since then. I check my mailbox once every few days to see if I got my postcards back and get all excited reading what they have written for me.

Back in Liverpool, the hall receptionist saw me holding a big stack of postcards and asked,
"How many postcards have you gotten so far?"
To be honest, I have no idea how many exactly I have in my collection so I made a rough guess
"Maybe 20?" 

I rushed up to my room to look at my postcards wall, I was astonished learning that I have received more 50 postcards in just a couple of months! I've my favorite postcards pasted on my wall using blu-tacks. I rearrange them from time to time and reread the messages behind, it reminds me about how these little mails brighten my days back in Liverpool.

I totally love this idea! Receiving mails with lovely stamps and postmarks from unheard places, learning their cultures, knowing their stories of that place, isn't that amazing?

xx, Shan