Friday, 5 July 2013

3\\ june in a jar

Finally a proper one from me, brace yourselves, it's likely to be a long ass post. Hello earthlings, it was a busy month, however I still managed to take a few trips with my family and friends. The camera is the main reason why I couldn't blog these two months and finally received GF5 as 21st birthday present from mumsy, muchhhh love!

Melaka Nomming Trip x 08-09 June

another succeeded sudden plan with friends. you know it's weird when sudden plan often works better than a long-planned plan. did not book any hotel as we thought there must be a lot of affordable and vacant guesthouse, god knows melaka during the weekend was super crowded. most of the guesthouse are either full or quite indecent. but lucky us, we've got ourselves a nice stay, not too faraway from jonker.

Melaka's must have 1: Durian Puff, Yogurt puff  (Y)

Melaka's must have 2: Laksa, Jonker 88

Must have 3: Sun May Hiong Pork Satay


Shan's big 21 x 15 June

Shan's big day. Couldn't spend the day with her due to some reason, however the bunch has planned to surprise that lonely soul in Publika. Had been planning for her birthday for weeks, they even created a group chat titled: WE  SHANNY. Lolol. Got the birthday girl a fisheye baby, and a customized cake with her favourite band, and my appearance as the not-so-special-but-very-important guest, she.was.overwhelmed. Hahah. Not to mention the embarrassing moments, ahem. Anyhoo, much love to you Shan x.

Pahang Road Trip x 22-23 June

A road trip to Pahang with the couz and aunt. Call us adventurers, left home with zero plan, the only thing we were sure of was we are gonna get a night stay in Genting Highland. 
So the trip went this way: Chemang Falls, Bentong → Valley Resort, Raub → Bukit Tinggi → Genting Highland → Mini Cameron. 
It wasn't any hectic for two days trip, and we had fun. The locations are easy to find, but needs more of the driving skill as the road to the falls and Valley Resort was a lil narrow. It's a shame, but I gotta admit that I have never been anywhere near to waterfalls, unless man-made counts. *coverfaceandrun* The view was spectacular. We did not prepare any thing for water activities, thus only photos taken. Just can't wait to be there again. Prepare extra clothing and ready for a great picnic! 

Aunt's local friend recommended this place. One of the nice getaway location for all the busy souls. Nice food and affordable stay provided. I'll definitely come back for another trip. Watchu waitin' for? Leave the concrete jungle now and make a visit here! 

Nyonya Talapia Fish. (Y)


Will just skip the part of Bukit Tinggi and Genting Highlands, as it's too mainstream.

Spent the other days of June well enough. Even made the brother breakie, nothing much but something I haven't been doing for years.  

Charlie's Lemonade (Y)