Thursday, 29 August 2013

6\\ of sunburn and food

Exam has finally over, I'm enjoying my holiday to the fullest (almost)! Was thinking to myself, how should I spend this holiday productively, as it wasn't any productive for the previous times.
On my checklist, I gotta read something, pick up and learn something, do something and go somewhere. Hmm, I gotta say that it wasn't any bad, so thumbs up!

√  Read something, two books in a week, it was a slow progress, but hey! I have so many dramas to watch! It wasn't that slow after all. teehee!

X  Learn something, okay..I kinda failed on this. I have not pick up anything yet. However, I did actually think about learning Korean, sewing, yoga or even dancing? Pfft!

 √  Do something. *clear throats* I made two types of puddings (honey pudding and steam milk pudding with egg whites). It was beyond just nice. AHAH! Also did some charity work, and visited the orphanage.

 √ Go somewhere. Headed to Penang with the bunch. 3 days 2 night is too little time for us!And here is how things go...

 I honestly think that those food in Penang recommended by the bloggers weren't that nice after all, especially this famous asam laksa beside the Air Itam market, just look at how clear the soup is, I was quite unimpressed.

Just hate how my mane goes wrong after letting it down

this reminds me of wall E! so cute!

Another famous-for-nothing stall. I don't know if it's really nothing special about it or is it just me thinking that it doesn't worth the queue.

Spot the flying egg! This Char Koay Teow in Lorong Selamat - famous-for-nothing #3. One small portion for rm8?! That's food republic price.

Oh Chien stall next to Char Koay Teow, this plate cost us rm16. A regular portion but look at the size of the oyster. And it is exceptionally good, worth the 16 yaw!

Dinner at some hawker stall around Macalister Street. This lala (but the tauke says that it's not lala, and we think that it looks like lala, so lala it is) is good, i mean, the sauce makes it good! (Y)

Oh-chien again! rm8, small portion, you might not see the hidden oyster, but it is also big, and totally worth it! KL oh-chien stall can really tutup now

longan jelly in gurney drive. dessert!

nicest muachi we've tried in gurney drive. (: (Y)

jagung special with cornflakes in Pantai Miami along Batu Ferringhi

Chicken wing at Lorong Baru near Macalister


The only street art we managed to capture. But it was a tad bit creepy once you spotted the ah ma, especially night time. super creepy!

The famous porridge shop Zhou Jie Lun. Me likey the name, and the porridge too! Thumbs up!


Ipoh Chicken Rice and Bean Sprout!

Famous Drive Thru Tau fu fa.

Penang trip was delightful. Haven't been traveling with the bunch for ages and this trip was a boom! Special thanks to the drivers, Terrence and Drew, and everyone else for making this trip exceptionally great! I love you guys. Have zero clue about when result is coming, and I can't be bothered. I just want to have more fun!! Anyway, first video diary will be up soon. Stay tuned. (:

x, jo

Monday, 19 August 2013

5\\ oh dear, another year

Lenny is one month away to his 21st birthday. Urged he to pick me up from work for our pre-anniversary dinner which turned out to be an really advance birthday celebration with his wild bunch, he always wanted to see them before he flies to Sarawak again.Glad that everything went smoothly according to our plan (except that there were people who couldn't make it that night). Well, he said he suspected something, but he wasn't expecting the wild bunch.
It was a great night, so much giggles and gossips! Hope the boyfie enjoyed his night with his Game of Thrones themed cupcakes, although it's wayyyy to early for a celebration. ;)

xx, shan

Saturday, 17 August 2013

4\\ Terrific Twos.

After two months, the thought "I should start blogging" finally hits me, and brought the guilty me to blog about my 21st birthday happened two months ago.

It was a surprise party, I knew something was fishy because none of them wished me happy birthday all day long, NONE! I was so upset I threatened boyfie to tell me if they have any plan for me and he kept telling me he doesn't know. Poor him, has to keep the secret while keeping up with my unreasonableness. May Ann called and pretended that she's working in Publika and asked me to accompany her for quick dinner. The bunch jump out from the corner with the loudest cheering and two balloons. Boyfie and Hang made good effort to contact my sister and mumsy for this wonderful plan.

Look at'em, the helium suckers, to say Happy Birthday to me. 

Saw the Elmo balloon? It flew away! Well, at least it was mine for a while.

I was really happy, except a drunk guy (I deliberately assume that he was drunk) from the next table guess that I am 26 years old on my 21st birthday, there's really nothing I could be unhappy about. Everything was perfect. Hang asked me what was missing the night, and I said, boyfriend, definitely is boyfriend.

xx, shan