Monday, 20 March 2017

103\\ Short Bangs

Here's a short update of what we did to our hair. If you look back at it, you will realize that we always do stupid things together, spontaneously. And HERE is why. I'm not sure if cutting your bangs short is a stupid move, but it's definitely not a smart move. Quoting Jeff, 'If you need 3 of you to gather courage to cut together, that means it's a wrong move' Hahahaha. I can't agree more, but the thing is... I don't regret it at all, mostly because I stay at home most of the time. Lol

Shan was at my place on that fine Sunday, where we were too full for any tea and cakes, so we just lay around at my place and think what else can we do other than cafe-hopping. Then she suggested to go for a haircut, bangs-cut I mean. Which is something I wanted to do, but too lazy to visit a hair salon. Heh.

"I'll text Wei May and see if she wants to go, we'll go if she on." 

and the rest is history. Hahaha.

The night before, I kept sending them all sorts of links and photos of celebrities cutting short bangs. But never thought that we would be cutting it the next day. And FYI, it's not your regular short bangs, so short that it's above your eyebrows. Lolol. Like this,

Cute right???? But yeah, I forgotten the fact that they are celebrities, that's why they look good no matter what;
we look like nothing but potatoes.