Sunday, 22 June 2014

42\\ Coffee Amo

So you see, cafe-hopping is the in thing right now, and being the typical Malaysian, I'm into it too. I can't recall when this whole coffee fever thingy started, but one thing for sure, it's here to stay. I wasn't, and honestly still isn't a coffee addict, but I just love the idea of visiting new cafes every week, and for the desserts of course.

Shan introduced this place to me somewhere around December last year, telling me the cute coffee art thing. I think that it's cute, but wasn't really impressed by it, cause you know, being really coolheaded me thinking you're gonna dunk it anyway. So why! But hey, it's so instagrammable. wtflol. Then I decided to pop in to the cafe when I was around there with the boyfriend few months back (then it took me long enough to make a proper review of it until today). Drew find it really weird thinking why would I spend so much for a coffee as he knows that I have never liked coffee before. Then quite unashamedly, I told him it's not for the coffee, it's for the photos. Snap! (WIN + Kiasu) And then to be honest, I think the reason why I didn't like coffee was due to the instant coffees. It's just a pack of sugar with the scent of coffee. Coffee smells good, but instant coffee... NO! (okay, don't even bother to do coffee adverts anymore. No, just kidding. Prove me wrong about instant coffee! Then I'll change my mind and praise you like mad(provided you must be really good la ok?), okie?!)

It's located in China Town, on the first floor next to Nam Heong Chicken Rice Resaurant. Coffee Amo shares half the shop with the Petaling Street Art House.

Unlike the other cafes, this cafe is so rustic, but I fell in love with it instantly. (and then capturing the angmoh into the photo to look extra good) I particularly love their doodles on the wall (said so, but no photos of it. major fail), nothing too fancy but simple outlines of some drawing. You might think that it's of kindergarten level, but you can't say that it's bad. :)

cafe latte (rm10)
 Oh look! It's a 3D coffee art! This was taken on my first visit on January this year. This cute little bear/wolf/cat totally made my day. Snapped a few photos of it and then start drinking it, started to scoop it from it's left leg........ and then it has became a thriller movie

my usual cup of cafe mocha (rm12) and peanut butter dark choco cake (rm10)

Shan's cup of Ah Shin, lol, and Amo waffle and ice cream (rm10)

Lost count on the time I visited then. But this was just another day of me and Shan hanging out together. And Shan found this coffee art of her favourite lead singer from Mayday, so she requested to do the same thing. And kind barista is kind, but try not to trouble them on their peak period, for a better service ;)

I hopped in again on one fine Sunday afternoon. The place was so crowded, due to some treasure hunting or whatever event organized by the school nearby, and a lot of people dropped by for a cup of coffee. As it's time consuming,bad luck Jo didn't get the 3D coffee art and was disappointed. *insert sad face* But no blaming tho. It's for the better service *whip tears*

Shan's green tea latte (rm11)

cafe mathca latte (rm12)
Looking at Shan's green tea latte made me laugh. Saw that zao tut pig? It was supposed to be a bear, then the pointy nose kinda failed, so he drew a pig on it. Well, at least he's creative. ;P

Tips to getting good photos, get a seat by the window. The lighting is super good :) Presenting you rare photo of Shan and I, zero edit.

Rose Garden coffee (rm13)
This was my last visit with the Toks last month. I decided to order something different instead of the usual coffees, so I picked this from their signature coffee. It came to my surprise that it wasn't rose, but fagrant with strawberry, and it wasn't bad at all. Will definitely try out their Ocean 11 next time.

Coffee Amo
1st Floor, 54, Jalan Sultan,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
10am-9pm Daily


Till then. (:

x, jo

Thursday, 12 June 2014

41\\ 大 人 的 世 界

Top: from Fash Unicorn
White pants: PDI
with so much drama happened lately, still didn't lose any weight. lolol. was writing something really sentimental, but consider it too personal and quite-non-of-my-business, I decided (and learning) to care less.
so my taiwan trip is canceled for a moment and i am really upset bahhhhhhhhh. *fliptables* and i am now stuck in the middle of major unexcitement. doing literally nothing, not earning a single cent, not doing exercise, such a basket case.

x, jo

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

40\\ dip dye

After numbers of sleepless nights camping in college, the endless reading of journal articles, I am finally done with all 4 of my assignments. Now, I have less than a month left until my final exam. fml. Time goes by so fast I am not too sure if I am ready for my final. sigh. 

Recently, I'd finally dyed my hair in the saloon, for the first time. I didn't really bother much about my hair. Normally I will just have them dyed once a year with Liese bubble before Chinese New Year or before Christmas, which makes it, twice a year. This time, I picked a brown which comes with a mix of green color. It comes out exactly what I wanted but the bottom part appeared to be in different shade because of the Liese bubble hair dye I used months ago.

I've always wanted to try dip dye to be honest. Whenever this thought cross over my mind, I regret cutting my hair short because duh, it takes so freaking long to grown em' back! Whenever I see people with striking dip dye or ombré hair, I feel like screaming and I am so mad at myself cutting it! Since my hair is longer now (it is slightly longer than the medium length hair now), I did some research and decided to add some new color to my hair. 

It wasn't a spontaneous decision. I have been thinking, I am doing my 2nd year of degree now soon to be going to UK for my final year, I want to do something I might not be able to do when I am graduated such as, having 'fun' with my hair color. Hence, I made the decision to do the dip dye I wanted.

I went to stay overnight to complete my assignment right after I did my dip dye so mama kong did not see my hair color immediately. When I was home the second day, I tried to tie em' into a bun hoping that it will be less obvious so I wont be getting so much of nagging. Mama kong kept quiet that night but she told me that she does not like my hair color days after that. She constantly asked if I regretted my decision but my answers were always no. 

This is the outcome:

I am definitely in love with my new hair color. It took me so long to decide what color to dye and of course I did a lot of research, asking everyone else's opinion. Red seemed to be too common and blue is too daring. The reason mama kong doesn't like my hair color is because why would a girl my age dyes her hair grey like an old lady, she just doesn't get it. 

"I think purple is better than this grey you are having now." she said.

Well, don't be surprise when you see me in purple hair next time. I am just trying to fulfill mama kong's wishes. 

xx, Shan