Monday, 6 October 2014

57\\ Freshers. Malaysian

The Hatfield Mosquito/ more like a spider

doing the grass sitting a lot

Hello earthlings, it has been awhile. Arrived here in UK for exactly two weeks, and I already miss home. But no worries (especially mum, if you're reading this), I'm doing good and I've made a lot of new friends finally not an anti social. Class was expected to start on the second week after we arrived but instead it was the endless inductions and freshers' parties that welcomed us.

It was really hard to leave everything I love behind, my family, friends and everything I love in Malaysia. Bazillion thanks to everyone who has came for my farewell and those who came to the airport. Transiting alone wasn't scary at all, but it will be better to have a company, and thank god for having Shan on the first flight to Dubai. How I wish she's here with me right now.

BTW, I have visited London for the first time with my bros. I don't even know why should I add the 'bros', but yeah... Thanks for having them too. They can be really annoying at times, but I'm really thankful to have them during my uni days. London! Big Ben, phone box, tower bridge and everything nice. A day is not enough for us to discover the beauty of it, definitely going back again, especially London Borough Market. (!!!!!)

Uni life here is plainly awesome. Class is finally starting this week, and I can't wait. :)

p/s: I miss and love you all. hearts

x, jo