Saturday, 19 April 2014

38\\ mr. jones' orphanage

Can't believe it's April already (in fact ending really soon). Exam is like two weeks away? And worst of all, it's happening two days after my birthday. So not in the birthday mood now. Hell to the no! I can't even... Btw, I haven't been posting recently, and feeling crappy within. Not mainly caused by exams, but the pure laziness in me, and there's no creative juices that I can squeeze out to share anything to you. Till I remember that I still owe you some of my Bangkok posts. And here's one, presenting you one of my favourite dessert store, Mr. Jones' Orphanage in Siam Center.

Strawberry Sponge Cake

Naughty Boy Fudge Brownie. Strongly recommend! 

Ugh. I can't wait to be there again. Money, Y U NO DROP FROM SKY?
Okay, gotta face the book now. Wish me luck.

x, jo.