Tuesday, 27 December 2016

100\\ Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas y'all! A lil late I  know but it's better late than never isn't it?

And... This is the 100th post for this blog we rarely update. *insert achievement unlocked meme* Hurray for the lack of creativeness and lazy bloggers, well done and keep it up. *pat Jo's shoulder*

Aside from achieving 100 blog post in the span of 3 years, December is such a festive time of year, we had lots of fun, I hope you enjoyed yours too!

Christmas tree shoot

My celebrations began 2 weeks back when I was having Christmas dinner at Le Meridien Hotel with my fellow colleagues. It was my first company event in life and it's so sweet of them to include me for the dinner as I've been in for barely 3 months.

Awesome people at home.

This is my third year celebrating Christmas at Jo's place, and I'll definitely keep it as our tradition. Thank you Loo mama for the yummy food! Got Jo's choice of gift by luck during gift exchange, it's a room perfume and now my room smells like hers. *sniff*

This bunch of people got us a lot of attention when we are gathered together. The bad kind of attention. Hey you people, Christmas or not, I'm glad I have you being by my side and embarrassing me/us. Kinda enjoy the embarrassment.

Just in case I'm late again, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE GUYS!

xx, shan

Monday, 26 December 2016

99\\ Shanghai Vlog


Had been very busy lately, but I'm happy, because I'm feeling alive again. The past months were... indescribable. I wasn't exactly unhappy, just feeling a lil lifeless, and then some negative feelings lead on. Anyway, here's the vlog I promised. I'm just trying to be funny at the first 3 seconds. Ignore it, or laugh with me. I'd appreciate the latter. *wink wink*


Thursday, 15 December 2016

98\\ Shanghai Shanghai

Hey guys, I'm back in action, after 4 months. wtf. Such a terrible blogger. Never knew time passes so fast, and I have to guiltily admit that I have done exactly nothing. Anyway, it's December again! My favourite month of the year! *jumping in excitements* Mom and I have a thing for Christmas, esp mom. She'll be playing Christmas songs in the car even before December, and then Chinese New Year songs once December ends. *cue dong dong qiang music*

Went to Shanghai with mom last October, wasn't really expecting much because it's China?! Am I being racist here? Maybe, but don't mock me on this. I've been to Guangzhou 8 years ago, and that trip wasn't anything near nice. The food, the people, and the environment... smh. But but! Shanghai was different. Maybe it's more developed, even the food is nicer. Hahah. But there's still this one thing that get on my nerves a lot! Queueing up is the thing they will never do! It's as if I'm being pretentious to want to queue up. Okay, to be fair, the Europeans I've met cut queue too (very often). *roll eyes* And I'll be screaming in my head,

  'BRUH, WHERE'S YOUR MANNERS? YOUR TEACHER NEVER TEACH YOU AHHHH?!!!!' (in the most cina way ever possiburrrr)

Done editing my Shanghai vlog, I even uploaded it on YouTube, but when I do my final check, I realized there's something wrong with it *strangle self*. So I gotta edit and upload it again, ugh! Meanwhile, here's some photos taken, video will be up next. ASAP, fingers crossed.

How cool is that? They have coffee with liquour


It's the time of the year, hairy crab season.
I didn't tell anyone about this, the main reason why I wanted to visit Shanghai is for the 大闸蟹!I've been craving for it since I've watched a video someone shared on Facebook, then I kept telling myself that I must go to Shanghai for this! (video link here) Hairy crab, checked!

When in Hangzhou, 楼外楼

you can't miss 东坡肉

when you let your mom holds your camera
okay, a better one



My kind of breakfast

It was raining most of the time when we were in Shanghai, we spent most of our time indoors or under the umbrella if not. It was just really frustrating, things would be perfect if it wasn't for the bad weather. But the trip was very delightful albeit very short, we've met some nice people and had very good food. I think I love Shanghai, I can totally survive there. Can't wait to be there again, there'sso much more to explore. And I miss the food already! Lol