Wednesday, 24 September 2014

56\\ flight diary

It was so hard to say goodbye. Those familiar faces at the airport, hugging Jo for the last time during the transit at Dubai airport, those eyes filled with tears. I don't even know how long was my flight due to the transit and time zone. Just checked my ticket, it was 14 hours and 30 minutes ride, minus the transit. It was a long ride. I tried to keep myself awake by watching all sorts of movies provided to reset my body clock, that's what Peng taught me.

I think I am doing pretty well here. No jetlag, except for the worst headache on the first night. Or does waking up 2 in the morning to close the window count? So yeah, I guess there is nothing to worry about, just a little more time to adapt and get myself used to it

p/s: I miss Jo. Almost screamed her name when I found Primark yesterday. Only if she was there to scream with me.

xx, Shan

Friday, 5 September 2014

55\\ Aug Photo Diary

#1. I think I'm all set for Autumn :)

#2. Wafflemeister- not to my liking. I have very high requirement for waffles. This, plainly overrated and overpriced. 18 for such, I cannot,

#3. Thursdvys- An oz inpired cafe. Smoked salmon omelette, banana pudding, baked macaroni and cheese and Mars bar cheesecake, these are what we ordered and everything tastes real good. I'm impressed, and lovin' it.

#4. As Confucious once said: "Perfectly fitting jeans are only as good as the cuffs you roll 'em with." That's right, he totally said it. - quoted from jackthreads and damn right! I think cuffed jeans are sexy, when paired with the right shoes especially.

#5. Grafa- 'We serve ugly food that taste so good!'

#6. A Pie Thing- Choco latte and Mashacre are the must have! read more on it here

#7. Cacti!! Let's build a terrarium!!

#8. Egg gratin, advanced edition. (egg, bread, and bacon) Yums!

#9. i-n-s-o-m-n-i-a

#10. Green tea Den Den at Washoku Den Den @One City, still better than Caffe Bene.

#11. Road trip essentials. Super ring and Cloud 9, WIN!

#12. Totora and friends, and Jo! Somewhere in Jonker Street, Melaka.

#13. Apple juice and basil seed

#14. Nana's Green Tea, and it's official, I'm a green tea lover.

#15. Jeneris by Ahren @ Nu Sentral, salted caramel coffee was (Y)

More to blog soon. Been very emotional lately. Running out of words. I'll be alright...signing off

x, jo

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

54\\ counting down

Photo taken at the beach during Chinese New Year

Back to Kuantan for two days. It was probably the last time to go back to Kuantan before I fly.  Blame the packed timetable, I went back for less than 5 times this year. Comparing to those days where I go back at least once a month when I was in A levels, it is very little. 

Counting down the days until I fly to UK. To be honest, I'm totally anxious about going to UK. The fact that time is flying so fast is scaring me! I haven't meet most of my friends yet, not ready to fly to another completely strange country alone without people who's so dear to me. I know the feelings will go away eventually after spending maybe a couple months (or weeks) there, but for now, it terrifies me a little. 

Is it contradicting if I say I am kinda excited at the same time? I will be lying if I say i am not. All the backpacking stories JM told me, I am going to experience them very soon, come back and tell her my stories. I am looking forward.

Cheers to new adventures.

xx, Shan