Thursday, 30 June 2016

87\\ turned 24

my precious. 
I'm officially 24 now. Well, technically 2 weeks ago. The bunch decided to throw a not-a-surprise birthday party for me, and I insistently demanded to plan my own birthday celebration which of course, failed miserably. Loook, just last month, I told Joann she has no say in choosing her birthday cake because we paid for it and vice versa. Fair enough, I guess. 

We had our dinner at Greyhound Cafe, Bukit Bintang. We've heard a lot of good things mainly from the social media and the bloggers. When Jeff told me Joann's pick was Greyhound Cafe, I immediately said: 'Okay, I approve!'
check out the unique pattern.
they have different design on each plate
checking them food reviews.
 Famous fried chicken wings
smells good, tastes good. Joc normally does not take chicken wings and she did that night.
Japanese seaweed with Harusame glass noodle
It tastes funny. People who like this think it is fragrant, but for us who couldnt stand the smell of it, we didnt enjoy it.
Pad thai.
It is nice but I've to say we have tried better pad thai when we were in UK. 
(weird but they have very authentic and aromatic Thai food in UK)
Stir-fried spaghetti with Thai anchovies
Spicy spaghetti olio with bacon
We all agree that their spaghetti (both of them) were too salty for our liking. 
Noodle in Tom yum koong
What's Thai food without tom yum right. This came with 2 big prawns but tastes mediocre.
The portion was somewhat small even for a girl.  
Complicated noodle
It is so complicated we didnt know how should we eat it when this was served. 
Wrapping these flat noodle sheets, minced meat and coriander with lettuce which then topped with the sauce. We loved it!

Strawberry shortcake by Poco cafe. 
I love their cake. 
I kept asking Jeff and Joann to please ask the lady boss if we can book the cake for my birthday and tadaaaa, it tastes amazing. 
Mastermind of everything. love,love, love you.
Thank you, thank you. 
Thank you for making me loved.

xx, Shan

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

86\\ bristol international balloon fiesta

Hola everybody, it feels like I'm taking forever to update the rest of my summer vacay because I just have so much to write! Give me more time and I will have it done I promise.

Photo taken at Putrajaya balloon festival 13 March 2016

Before I get that done, here's the video taken by us back during Bristol international balloon fiesta last year. We happened to be in Bristol together and took a trip there and we definitely did not regret! Compare to the balloon fiesta in Putrajaya we visited few months back where we did not manage to watch the mass release of hot air balloons due to the rain (okay I know that's not something we or the organizer can control) and everything else were so unorganized. We were rather disappointed. 

enjoy. xx, Shan