Friday, 18 March 2016

84\\ Last June

Time flies, I'm back from UK for half a year already, can you imagine that? Having dinner in the kitchen with that three men (dammit, too public to call them sohai) were just like yesterday. I do miss Alex's cooking, a lot! And our daily-'apa mau masak?'-conversation, or or Aldi/Asda anyone?

Well, if you think my life in UK is only about food... Yeap, you're right. 干!没志气的家伙 Okay la, not all, but most of the time its pretty dull. But it does get a lil more interesting when I took a vacay once in awhile to keep my brain functioning while making plans. The downside of not blogging things in time is that you will forget most of the things, and I still have not learned my lesson. LOL.

Anyhoo, visited Brussels, Cologne and Prague with Sharon, Mel and Esther last June (which is 9 months ago?????? holy lazy ass you joannloo, now only blog). Here's a vlog, you will see a lot of a very rounded-face me, and try to ignore that. I'm sorry, lol. More of the trips next time.

updated 2:35am. 18 March 2016.
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