Friday, 24 April 2015

73\\ Amsterdam bound

Can't believe how we planned everything in just a week. Decided to fly to Amsterdam in one afternoon and spent the next few days booking accommodation and creating our itinerary. Super thankful for Jo, my travel partner. I really do not know how to start planning our journey without her. I've to rely her for everything including booking our accommodation since I could not read the map.

Our three days stay in Amsterdam was superb. This is exactly what we see everyday we open the door. I love how we plan our trip, renting a bike and exploring the city ourselves after visiting red light district in the midnight. I was morose when we were in the bus leaving to the airport. We have only just begun to remember the way to get back to our apartment from the city, and we have to leave.

Traveling makes me realize how lucky I am, having the chance to see the world.

More to come, stay tune!

xx, Shan

Monday, 20 April 2015

72\\ amsterdam video diary

Hey ya!

It's the end of our Easter break and we are back from Amsterdam. It was a spontaneous trip suggested by someone we met in Liverpool, telling us that this will be the best time to visit Amsterdam for the tulips. And I, as eager as always, checked for cheap flight tickets right away and an adventure to Amsterdam is confirmed! I love how spontaneous/adventorous we are. Cheers to awesome us! 

More details on our next blog post. Here's a video diary of our Amsterdam trip. 
Have a wonderful start of the week. :)

x, jo.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

71\\ of spring and noms

I''m back from Liverpool. Was supposed to head to the north during this Easter break, so I bought a bus ticket to Liverpool as first stop and decided to plan the journey when we are at Shan's place. But things turn out... Just as I imagined, I kinda expected that we will not be heading anywhere except Liverpool itself. Oh well, procrastination at its finest.

Had dim sum at Mei Mei on the second day of our visit. Not sure if it's really good or I just simply miss dim sum, worth every single pound I would say. Not to mention their friendly service, and here is where the upcoming Amsterdam plan started. Thanks yo.

One of the many reason why I love Liverpool better than London (Hatfield, to be precise) is the people there. Shan is one, then her really nice flatmates. I was feeling unwell, Shan told them about me (roll eyes, and so much to thank you about), Tracy whom was really kind made me all kind of teas so that I can feel better, and Jochyn who share me her bed, thank you so much, fret not! I'll be back very soon, lol!

LEAF, to me is the best place to hang out for such wonderful weekend. There are wide selections of tea, just the right place for tea lover like me. We then had some mini photo shooting session on the upper floor where no one was there, occasionally having some couple who showed so much PDA at the couch area.

The next few days in Liverpool were mainly about food again. Fish n Chip at Albert Dock, dim sum again, afternoon tea at Cuthbert's and Moose Coffee on the last day. Also, thanks Shan for all the things she cooked for me just because I wanna try them. Very fattening mac and cheese, 很入味的卤肉饭, heart warming chicken herbal soup and heart melting japenese cheese cake. Ok, I think I'm really gonna marry you if our parents allow us to.

Signing off now, see you after Amsterdam. (:

x, jo.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

70\\ colder spring

These photos were taken the day I left Hatfield whilst we were waiting for cab to the train station. Third time in Hatfield and I'll never get bored. It is spring now, they said, but I couldn't feel anything except the fact that we have longer day. Despite the sunshine, the wind seems to pierce through my (very thin) denim jacket. We literally could not stand straight up due to the strong wind.

Am planning our trip for this Easter break with Jo, she is coming this Friday to see me again. Yay! :)

xx, Shan