Friday, 4 September 2015

80\\ only by the night

Greetings from Hatfield,

yup. I'm still in UK, and very unlike this blog I'm still alive and kickin'. Supposed to be back in Malaysia in July, but since I have withdrawn from my BAR application, I decided to spend more time here in UK whilst waiting for my graduation ceremony this coming 15th. That means Loo Mama will be here in few days; more travelling and kiss UK goodbye.

Shan has been hell of an ass, harassing me and my diet plan across 1654813km in our group chat sending me photos of foodie, ugh! I too want to be back, I want 'em food in my stomach, not in that damn phone.

Anyway, I was supposed to travel alone before mama comes, but look at the exchange rates.. I cannot. So I spent most of my time snuggling in my bed, watch movies, dramas, variety shows and read some books. I think I like doing these, of course exploring the world comes top on the list. But if money is the concern, I'll stay and do what I do best. Smirks.

Can't wait to be back in Malaysia, and I know I'll surely miss my life in UK. All the companies I had, the late night cooking, card games, monopoly, singing and drinking. In fact, I'm missing it already.

x, jo