Sunday, 23 February 2014

35\\ fab feb fav

a.k.a fabulous February favorite

Finally get rid of all assignments shit, and here's some time to do the procrastination right. However, this procrastination won't last long, as exam is just two months ahead. And the worse thing? It's occurring two days right after my birthday. Why you! But, no. Ain't no body got time for that. Are you a k-drama fans? If yes, have you watched My Love From Another Star? I'm in love with Jeon Ji Hyun all over again. How could she be this gorgeous? Her outfits and make ups, goddess! *big heart!*

Anyway, here's a beauty post of things I love using recently. I suck at beauty stuff, but still decided to occupy your time with these lil details. :) From upper left to bottom right, here goes:

Papulex Moussant, Soap Free Cleansing Gel: Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by Papulex. It took me a couple of days for my skin to settle into using the product and have had far fewer breakouts since using it. The change isn't 100% but I've seen a big improvement and loving it. Comparing it to Cetaphil which also indicates 'soap-free cleanser', Cetaphil is more suitable for sensitive skin which I think it didn't help much for acne prone skin. And I quite like the smell too. I recommend this!

ps: I'm also using their oil free cream, not bad but not too great. I don't really like the scent tho.

touch in SOL, No Poreblem Primer: This is the first primer I use. Not sure if it's really good or all primer works the same. Haha. It smells nice and the pros is that it comes with a pump, which is more hygiene. For this, you only need a little amount to apply on the skin, soft and smooth. I usually apply it before BB cream.

我的美丽日记, White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask: My favorite mask of all time. Too much to love, guess I need to do a specific post on this next time. Lol.

Deoproce, Hand & Body lotion (Grape Fruit): I'm not a lotion person but for this I will. I love the fruity smell in it (tho in my opinion it smells more like peach than grape fruit), it makes me feel bubbly all of sudden. Haha. And it comes in super handy size where I could bring it along to everywhere. Applies it anywhere anytime, while driving, during class, in office, while watching dramas!!!

Herbaline, Aloe Vera Gel: I began to visit Herbaline few months back, and loving their service and ambiance (Seapark outlet). Will definitely share my experience with them when I have the chance. Then I also gave a try on some of their products. I am currently using three products, and all are good. Especially the aloe vera gel mention here. The scent is fresh and this definitely plays a big role on healing my acne scars. Gotta purchase a new bottle soon.

Majolica Majorca, Lash King (BK999): I have had many experiences of mascaras that indicates 'water proof' yet easily smudge, but no more after I met the 'King'. And yes, it definitely deserves the title. The best thing? It's not hard to remove, at all. Hooray, lazy people!

Etude House,CC Cream (#01 Silky): It works like BB cream, but it doesn't works great on concealing, but thin enough to achieve a natural and nude make up. And it also gives a glowy and healthy complexion, unlike BB cream that gives really pale look. One major reason to love CC cream is that it will treat uneven skin tones. If you have acne prone or scar like me, buy CC cream! Sometimes, for a more complete look, I will set both BB & CC cream on (blend 'em).

Alright! That's all for this month's favorite. I hope you like it and tell me what do you think about it. Like maybe you have had different experience with the products I mentioned? Let me know. ;)


Wednesday, 19 February 2014

34\\ blooming tulip

我的美丽日记: Blooming Of Beauty Vienna Black Tulip Mask

Function: Firming, smoothening

Suitable Skin Type: All skin types

Jo: The texture of the mask sheet is soft and thin. It sticks to my face well and it is much more absorbent. The serum itself is not too watery. The scent of it is moderate. The mask doesn't smell like the flower namesakes in my opinion but have a pretty fresh, clean scent. So if you're worried about a cloying floral scent, no worries you won't get that. I don't feel much of the firming but my face felt really smooth (excluding those acne scars). The mask remained moist for the next hour, impressive. Worth you trying yaw :)

Rating: 5/10

Please read at your own risk. Every information above are cropped from websites and comments given are based on my personal opinion.

x, jo

Sunday, 16 February 2014

33\\ chinese new year 2014

Oh hey! I'm afraid I'm too late to wish everyone Happy Chinese New Year since it is already over, bet everyone is complaining how much weight they gained in the mere 15 days. Honestly, I used to hate Chinese New Year when I was younger (deducting the angpau part, that's probably the only thing I was looking forward to every year). We got to wake up early morning to go to the temple and wait for the rest of my relatives so we can visit my grandma together, no exception. Chinese New Year in Kuantan will be in scorching weather which makes you sweat like a pig in your new clothes, not what I would want to experience every year. 

However, I've been different now. I realised that Chinese New Year is the only time where everyone will take a break from the hectic life and those who's studying in the city will take the opportunity to come back to hometown and gather together. Not forgetting the table filled with snacks, such a heaven!

I brought my camera back with me this year, hence more photos were taken. As usual, the bunch came to my house the day before I come back to KL again. It is our tradition since we were 17. 5 years have passed but gathering together makes me feel like 17 all over again. Sadly, the tradition has to be broken next year since I will not be around. Took a few shots before everyone left, the childishness, the laughter and the jokes that never get old.

xx, Shan

Friday, 14 February 2014

32\\ jo le saver

Well this post is a little long postponed, but never the less, it is here!! I believe that you all had a great CNY, our CNY was great, and last night was awesome! But those parts are for another day. Teehee!

Girls have fettish towards notebooks and planners, no? I do. It's almost a must have thing on my daily basis. I was wandering in the bookstores before new year, searching for the nicest planner of the year. But my oh my, it's either everything is overpriced or i'm too kiamsiap to spare out few more bucks for a nice planner. Lol.

So today presenting you what I am using this year to keep me organized, though still in major failure.But hey, you get to save a lot more (ok, not much, but 10 bucks matter!!), *kiamgui(stingy ghost)modeon*. Yes, I know there are apps for planner and stuffs to keep things on track, but I prefer things in writing, more vivid I perhaps. I'm not a good artist, but at least I can draw better than my brother, and to get it my way, I had to do it myself. Thus I decided to DIY my own planner.

On the above is my 2014 DIY planner and my calendar for each month, and I personally love the one featured on December. So Christmas. (: I got that notebook from Daiso for rm5, I choose the blank one as I love having so much room to write and draw on it. I can write all kind of works on it, I keep my monthly and daily to-do lists, goals, notes, events, quotes and anything else I want to keep track of in my planner.

All you need is a brand new blank notebook, pen, ruler, pencil, rubber, and papers for sketching, and all that, you only spend 5 freaking ringgit, and some tips for the effort. Hahah!

*flipshair* I'm a saver, and this is kinda explain how I get the title above. Kthxbye

x, jo

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

31\\ huat ah!!!發

Gong Hei Fatt Choy! 恭喜发财! It's day 5 of CNY, how was your holidays? Me? Not bad. Had some crazy moments with Justina, Tracia, camera and tripod. Haha. CNY has got to be the festival that I look forward to the most. The time where we can spare some time to visit all the relatives, gather together, do more of the talking and eating. Not forgetting the angpaus, teehee! So much to love!
College reopens tomorrow, but I haven't had enough fun. And there's one more coursework to hand up next week. What a holiday.... Shit you, land law.

And here, presenting you our jump shots. HAHAHA. So hot, so sweaty yet so funny, so damn happy. (:

 x, jo