Tuesday, 22 October 2013

13\\ testing water

oh, hey! i've been wanting to do this for quite some time but plans always change, and i guess this is finally the right time to do so. and now i'm gonna make it short and clear. yes, i am trying to clear my wardrobe and you pretty, kind and helpful people will help a lot by buying my stuffs. haha. honestly, i'm not expecting a lot from this, just trying to get rid of good condition clothes here. i don't need it anymore, but who knows any of you might like it, rite?
prices are nett, and very reasonable i would say, as it will only range around rm5-rm30. depends on the original price, brands and times worn. also there would be some brand new clothes that i've bought but never worn. so pretty please, visit our preloved page here, or as shown below.

arigato gozaimasu!!! *bigninetydegreebow*

x, jo

Sunday, 20 October 2013

12\\ sept video diary

currently listening to: san cisco - fred astaire 

as promised, here's the sept video diary. i know it's super delay to post this right now as october is actually coming to an end already, but at least i took the effort to edit this huh. so please just forgive me. talking bout the end of october, it's about halloween! i remember how we used to organize a halloween party during high school time, no dressing up shit. but hey, alcohol is a must! hahah. thinking should we do it once again, but most of the friend's aren't in town, and that is rearry sad! as it is really hard to get a company to have random dinner night, and moving away so far from them makes it even harder for occasional supper. geez. right now craving for ipoh super smooth taufufa again! someone please deliver it here, right now!

x, jo

Thursday, 17 October 2013

11\\ goodbye, september

so september ended quite quickly, and it's already mid october. class started for almost four weeks, but i'm still feeling quite lost. ahhh, law nonsense. anyway, let's do a short recap on september and some current updates. september is mostly about  gaining weight, eat and eat and eat and meeting old friends, before they fly to uk (again). now, i really can't wait to fly there too, but somehow i hope time passes slowly, i don't think i can stay there without everything here. talking bout all these makes me feel sad.... also met the childhood friends in sam's wedding. 

yesterday was a bad luck day for me, my (bro's) car was hit by another car, thank god le bro's car was flexible enough only cause few scratches on the bumper but the other fella's bonet dropped out a lil. opps! in conclusion, i have no lost, but i was so panic but acted super duper chill.keep telling myself, i must not let that guy know that i'm panic, or else he would bully and ask me to compensate instead. phewww. 

on the above is an ootd for today. both top and bottoms are from h&m. i decide to pair them this way because the flower on the skull has some mint element, and i think it's really nice, right? (: 

that's all for today, september video diary next. stay tuned.

x, jo

Monday, 7 October 2013

10\\ of lace and flowers

May brought a bouquet of flowers together with a bar of my all-time-favorite dark chocolate as my anniversary gift from Lenny. It was supposed to be a surprise but these two were never good in surprises, so yeah. *giggles*

That's the con of being in a long distance relationship. You don't have your boyfriend around you 24/7, you get expected 'surprises', it still made my day. I mean which girl doesn't like flowers and surprises? Be it a not-so-perfect one.

xx, shan