Monday, 30 December 2013

23\\ santa bought me a new phone!

Taking vanity to another level.

I think it is a tradition that I have to change my phone at least once every two years or it is rather a curse. Gotten my first camera phone when I was 16 and I got my first smart phone which is an iPhone 4s when I was 19. In between I changed more than 3 handphones, that's roughly one each year. I guess it pretty much explained my clumsiness. Things get broken extremely easily in my care.

I drop my iPhone 4s so often I lost counts. Once, I broke the screen which costed me RM 180 to fix it. A month later, I dropped it into the water and the screen blacked out. The guy helped me to fix it by blow-drying it with a hairdryer, FOR FREE! I think my phone has been a strong one compare to the rest of its partner. No matter how I dropped it, it always stayed alive. The next time it happens, I did not drop it, I was  only charging it, and I could not switch it on, it just died on my like that!

I thought I would get the usual scolding for not taking good care of my stuff but no, daddy goes disguise as Santa without white beard and big sacks and bought me a new Samsung Note 3! I was so excited and overwhelmed, not only because he is willing to buy me such an expensive phone knowingly I might break it in near future (touch wood) but also his love for me.

As an Apple user switching to Samsung, everything amazed me! Bigger screen, faster processor, and I love it! The only problem I have now is the screen is so big I can't reach the corner with only one hand holding. Moreover, the camera is so good it has more megapixels than my Nikon J1 it leaves my camera useless! Well, one new phone makes two #firstworldproblem -- not complaining.

xx, shan

Friday, 27 December 2013

22\\ red christmas

Top: H&M
Bottom: Cotton On

HoHoHo! Very belated Merry Christmas guys! Forgive me for not posting this earlier, as I've been lazing on my bed these two days. But there's twelve days of christmas, rite? So I'm still on time, I guess? (or is it just a song? i don't know) Having two weeks off from college, but doesn't feel like it at all. Assignments to rush and to help on some office work. It's just too much work for holiday! Geez.

Had a double date on christmas eve with Lylia, Bryan and Drew. Dinner at Thai Thai, and later on grabbed some drinks at Sector 7. The traffic that night was crazy, not mentioning how long it took Drew to reach my place, and how sorry we are to keep the couple waiting. Heh!

I personally have a love hate relationship with December. It's my favorite month, as there's a lot of festive season going on, especially Christmas. But I too hate it, as it's the end of a year. And that also means a new year is coming, and I'm aging again. major wtf. But, I have a young heart *flipshair*!

For me, Christmas is red. Thus, I matched my whole outfit in red tone. A red sweater, a burgundy shorts and a matching Christmas hat. So jolly! Teehee!

x, jo

Thursday, 26 December 2013

21\\ it is a merry merry christmas

So guys, result was out few days back, I'm officially a first-year graduate now (for the second time). TEEHEE. It was long and dreadful wait for the result to be released in order to fully enjoy my holiday. Well, I don't know my grade yet but all pass kinda relieved me a bit, except the fact that my parents would want a B instead of a pass. Asian parents.

Gone are the days of studying over night memorizing cases. Ngawww, I wish my holidays never end but as soon as I know my result, the stress for the upcoming year kicks in. Anyway, it is over and done for now, I am free to do whatever I want now. Uh, not exactly since I still have assignments to rush on.

Went out to a coffee shop on Christmas eve to work on my assignments which I've to pass up on the last day of 2013. No, the fact that Christmas is over now doesn't ring the bell, I'm still taking it pretty lightly. My caramel macchiato was served with a 3D snowman coffee art, it brighten my day. Definitely one of the cutest coffee art I'd seen before my eyes.

Talking about Christmas, Jm told me that she went to Dublin for Christmas and looking at the photos of friends celebrating their Christmas in Paris, it excites me and encouraging me to work harder, there is where I will be next year around this time.

xx, shan

Friday, 20 December 2013

20\\ bangkok video diary

greetings earthlings! spent the past weekend in the city of angel (or sin, in my case) with two of my best friends +1 hawty for early new year shopping OR de-stress ( yet another good excuse, teehee.) flights plus hotel bookings made via pyotravel, costs us around rm720 each. i don't know if it's the best deal, but overall reasonable. friends told me they could have get better price, but i really think it was okay, really. but i don't mind getting cheaper price, so if you have any good deals, let me know. haha. #cheapskate. well, it was a fine 4D3N trip. touched down the airport around 4pm local time and it was considered late as we actually settled everything down only by 7. thus no crazy shopping moment was done that night, except naraya (to be frank, i don't know why is everyone so crazy with it, the design reminds me of retro pyjamas robe?!)

anyhoo, pratunam could be the most convenient area for shopping, street food and even massage. everything is so good, i can't even rate top one! i think cheap is the one word to describe things in bangkok (everything cheap cheap!), what's better than cheap stuff? nothing. #cheapskatex2 and need i mention that platinum mall is just hundreds metre away?!!! the one stop that can make you go broke! *jumpinginjoyinfactishouldbecryingcauseimbrokewtf. thus, i decided, to make a trip here every freaking year, ad that's good. haha.
more in details soon, and here's a video diary for you. stay tuned.
watch in HD, sorry for the shaky video.

ps: feeling hopeless at this point. that man's ego irritates me to the highest level right now. he always have the mind that we need to depend on him so much that he can be such unreasonable. #horriblebosses!

x, jo.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

19\\ black dress, red lips

dress: brands outlet
bag: h&m
lipstick: maybelline

christmas is only one week away and i'm not done with shopping, forever yet. thinking of getting myself a christmas gift, but what? maybe an album of my fav singer, but i have too much. maybe a dress, but i have more than enough. maybe a heels, but i barely wear 'em. #firstworldproblem teehee!

i love red lips. it makes me feel like a lady, elegant yet cheerful. but it doesn't look good in polaroid, or is it just me? i don't know, but i personally love these photos. i have tons of it in my folder, it took me so long to choose only a few of them to post it here, and so i decided to make it into a gif, and you get to see more vain me.

have a nice day. (:
x, jo

Thursday, 12 December 2013

18\\ eleventh-twelfth-thirteenth

knitwear: H&M dress: cotton on

cloudy. weather like this always make me feel like autumn in malaysia. thus i put on something that represents autumn, an orangey dress and a knitwear, comfy much. was supposed to post this a month back, but i have assignments as an excuse so i decided to be lazy. but here i am to blog again.

handed up an assignment days ago, and i guess it's time to start the next one, though it's one month away till the  next due date. but yeah, december is gonna a busy month! planning for a new year eve party at my place, and i hope it turns out phan-tas-tick!  

oh! did i mention that i went to bangkok two weeks ago, no? shall blog more about it on the next post, so do stay tuned. overall, that trip was a boom, and we returned with an empty wallet. teehee!


Wednesday, 11 December 2013

17\\ creamy velvet

Exam has finally came to an end (a month ago). This whole exam thing has gotten onto my nerves although I seemed to be very calm about it. The ice cold examination hall, numbers of cases and pages of essays to be written down in only three hours. I dont know which one caused my numbed fingers. The freezer-like examination hall or too much writings.  I even got blister on my ring finger at the end of the exam. Not to mention my sore neck. Talking about hard work being paid off, it better be.

I wanted to dress a little different for the last paper as a symbol of celebration since we are all too tired to party after the exam. Matching my oversize sweater with wine red skater skirt makes me feel kinda cute(?) Sadly my wardrobe is full of one piece dresses, not much chance for me to mix and match my outfits, this is one of the rare opportunity.

On a side note, assignments suck, BIG TIME! Can't wait to get rid of them soon but too lazy to finish them way before deadline.

p/s - When I look at the photos, I feel like I am a red velvet cupcake I am having right now. Hence the title

xx, shan