Monday, 9 May 2016

85\\ 2015 summer vacay

Hola, I'm back for good. I always buy this Taiwanese life design magazine called 小日子 (c'est si bon) I came across this article about how accommodating her homestay host family is, and it certainly brings back all the memories of my experience I had with my airbnb host throughout my trip. Also, I happened to go though my last summer vacay photo album yesterday which reminds me that I did not really talk much about my awesome Europe trip.

Having lived in Malaysia all my life, I has never seen snow. That's why I put Switzerland as our first destination. I want to see snow. The view was breathtaking I must say! Seeing those flakes floating down when the wind blows was magical. We were freezing and my hands were numb, yet we couldn't resist going out to touch the snows. We had this cheese fondue for dinner, imagine cold weather and hot melted cheese with potatoes, such a heaven ain't it?

We headed to Prague after about a week stay in Switzerland. To be honest, I didn't enjoy Prague as much as I was in other countries. Not only the weather wasn't good, it was raining most of the time, there were too many tourists around you can't enjoy the city at peace. But that's where I had the famous ice-cream filled donuts - trdelník (sometimes I asked for strawberry whipped cream instead of ice-cream yums) Not to forget, the beer in Prague is cheaper than water and here is when we start ordering beer during meal time, instead of water.

Before I plan my trips, I would not have even put this city - Budapest my list. I know nothing about the city except the movie - The Grand Budapest Hotel. I didn't even watch the movie, merely heard about it.We came here with no expectations whatsoever, but it gave me more than what other places has to offer. The cost of living is lower than the previous countries we have been to. With little money spent, we get to feast. The rose gelato I'm holding cost me less than £2 which is absolutely a steal compared to Amerino we had in Paris. We bought the Budapest card which offer us not only free ride on most of the public transport, also their luxurious thermal baths. We were so exhausted we were about to give up the hike at night. Lucky thing we did not. Look at the night view, it is all worth while.

I'm gonna talk about Italy next, it that's where I meet up with Jo and travel to the dream island - Santorini.  Thanks for reading!