Tuesday, 27 December 2016

100\\ Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas y'all! A lil late I  know but it's better late than never isn't it?

And... This is the 100th post for this blog we rarely update. *insert achievement unlocked meme* Hurray for the lack of creativeness and lazy bloggers, well done and keep it up. *pat Jo's shoulder*

Aside from achieving 100 blog post in the span of 3 years, December is such a festive time of year, we had lots of fun, I hope you enjoyed yours too!

Christmas tree shoot

My celebrations began 2 weeks back when I was having Christmas dinner at Le Meridien Hotel with my fellow colleagues. It was my first company event in life and it's so sweet of them to include me for the dinner as I've been in for barely 3 months.

Awesome people at home.

This is my third year celebrating Christmas at Jo's place, and I'll definitely keep it as our tradition. Thank you Loo mama for the yummy food! Got Jo's choice of gift by luck during gift exchange, it's a room perfume and now my room smells like hers. *sniff*

This bunch of people got us a lot of attention when we are gathered together. The bad kind of attention. Hey you people, Christmas or not, I'm glad I have you being by my side and embarrassing me/us. Kinda enjoy the embarrassment.

Just in case I'm late again, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE GUYS!

xx, shan

Monday, 26 December 2016

99\\ Shanghai Vlog


Had been very busy lately, but I'm happy, because I'm feeling alive again. The past months were... indescribable. I wasn't exactly unhappy, just feeling a lil lifeless, and then some negative feelings lead on. Anyway, here's the vlog I promised. I'm just trying to be funny at the first 3 seconds. Ignore it, or laugh with me. I'd appreciate the latter. *wink wink*


Thursday, 15 December 2016

98\\ Shanghai Shanghai

Hey guys, I'm back in action, after 4 months. wtf. Such a terrible blogger. Never knew time passes so fast, and I have to guiltily admit that I have done exactly nothing. Anyway, it's December again! My favourite month of the year! *jumping in excitements* Mom and I have a thing for Christmas, esp mom. She'll be playing Christmas songs in the car even before December, and then Chinese New Year songs once December ends. *cue dong dong qiang music*

Went to Shanghai with mom last October, wasn't really expecting much because it's China?! Am I being racist here? Maybe, but don't mock me on this. I've been to Guangzhou 8 years ago, and that trip wasn't anything near nice. The food, the people, and the environment... smh. But but! Shanghai was different. Maybe it's more developed, even the food is nicer. Hahah. But there's still this one thing that get on my nerves a lot! Queueing up is the thing they will never do! It's as if I'm being pretentious to want to queue up. Okay, to be fair, the Europeans I've met cut queue too (very often). *roll eyes* And I'll be screaming in my head,

  'BRUH, WHERE'S YOUR MANNERS? YOUR TEACHER NEVER TEACH YOU AHHHH?!!!!' (in the most cina way ever possiburrrr)

Done editing my Shanghai vlog, I even uploaded it on YouTube, but when I do my final check, I realized there's something wrong with it *strangle self*. So I gotta edit and upload it again, ugh! Meanwhile, here's some photos taken, video will be up next. ASAP, fingers crossed.

How cool is that? They have coffee with liquour


It's the time of the year, hairy crab season.
I didn't tell anyone about this, the main reason why I wanted to visit Shanghai is for the 大闸蟹!I've been craving for it since I've watched a video someone shared on Facebook, then I kept telling myself that I must go to Shanghai for this! (video link here) Hairy crab, checked!

When in Hangzhou, 楼外楼

you can't miss 东坡肉

when you let your mom holds your camera
okay, a better one



My kind of breakfast

It was raining most of the time when we were in Shanghai, we spent most of our time indoors or under the umbrella if not. It was just really frustrating, things would be perfect if it wasn't for the bad weather. But the trip was very delightful albeit very short, we've met some nice people and had very good food. I think I love Shanghai, I can totally survive there. Can't wait to be there again, there'sso much more to explore. And I miss the food already! Lol


Friday, 30 September 2016

97\\ things boyfriend says about my makeup

If I have to name someone who comment the most about my makeup, that would be Jeff. Unless there's somebody else who talks about my make up everyday behind my back, but I wouldn't have known if it was behind my back, so Jeff is still the winner (is there a competition?)

He talks a lot about my makeup, way too much. He would stare at me whenever I'm doing my makeup and ask what am I applying. Also, he is incredibly observant he looks at me very closely and point out all the flaws on my face. It was just few days back, I told him my makeup is on point and he said no. Then he will go on and discuss/explain to me what (he thinks) went wrong. As a boyfriend who occasionally forced to watch makeup tutorial on Youtube with me, he is pretty much a fast learner. 

1) You look shy. Wayyyy too shy

Before I got my current blusher as my birthday gift few months back, (thanks, Mel!) I used to apply lipstick on my cheeks as blush like the Koreans did. But I'm no Korean, obviously. I tend to go overboard with my blusher thinking I look cute today yet looking like Annabelle doll the moment I go under the sun.

I think he cannot stand the unnecessary shy-ness my cheeks were showing. One day, he sat in front of me and said,
"You look very shy today."
before I could react,
"Way too shy!" he added.

A photo posted by 🐻 Joann Loo (@joannloo) on

Here's photo of me wearing overly shy blush.
I regret.
2) It's magical.

I occassionally apply makeup in the car when Jeff is driving. Like I've mentioned, Jeff would watch me me putting on makeup. He learnt a thing or two about cosmetics and makeup techniques gradually yet he would still wanna watch when I do it. So I thought, is he looking at me because he thinks I look totally different with makeup?
"No, I just thought it's magical. Like all the shiny thingy you put on your face, I'm amused."

3) Take my advice!

Jeff  told me that my makeup looked thick when I apply finishing powder on my whole face. He asked if I could skip it but I have oily T-zone and I have to use finishing powder to set my make up. To solve the problem, I apply the finishing powder only on my T-zone with a powder brush instead of the makeup cushion that comes with the powder. When he see me, he asked,
"Did you put on makeup today? They look natural."
"Yeah I put the finishing powder only around my nose."
"Hmm, taking makeup advice from boyfriend."

powder brush I stole from le sister makeup pouch.
Now you know it's wonderful having a sister. Unless I'm your sister. Then that's too bad.

4) You have glitter all over your face!

I bought the Guerlain Meteorites pearls when I was in UK. It puts a noticeable shimmer/glows on my face so I used them as finishing powder and sometimes, as highlighter. Jeff does not know much about cosmetics, or at least cosmetics I own before I start putting makeup in front of him. Hence, he would not have known that I put the shimmery powder on my face, on purpose. He sort of saw something shimmer on my face and he w i p e d  a w a y for me.
"Oh you have glitter on your cheek."
"Wait, you have glitter all over your face!"
Yes, because I applied them? Duhhhh
glitter that goes on face.

5) Try to contour your face?

Firstly, I don't know where he learned that word. I'm curious, how many straight guy know the word 'contour' and understand the actual meaning of it? I've chubby cheeks. Those baby fat never seem to leave my cheeks albeit I'm not a baby anymore. I often rant about my chubby cheeks, how my selfie doesn't look good enough, how my short hair makes my face look fat, I can't hide my cheeks with my hair anymore, and he pop-ed the question, about contouring. I stunned for awhile but no, ain't taking the trouble to do so. As if the basic makeup routine isn't complicated enough. 

I might have been exaggerating some of these. I'm glad that Jeff is being patient and found joy in watching me doing makeup rather than dissing me. By all means, I'm serious about the 'contouring question'. Please, do let me know what do you know about "contouring".

xx, Shan

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

96\\ quick update!

Hey yo, I know I have not update for a long time. Well, I'm still alive. Giving myself a long break after the exam.

If you have read this, you would know that the Malaysia's Certificate in Legal Practice (CLP), which Jo and I took last month, is included as the top 10 toughest examination in the world. I have this article shared all over my Facebook timeline by all the (potential) victims because, it is true what they say. It was absolutely dreadful.

I've been constantly told by my friends how onerous CLP is, especially with the proof of its infamous reputation of low passing rate. I didn't quite believe it back then, and I should. While the studying was boring and bulky, the exam itself was worse. We have in total of 9 subjects, 5 papers all done in 2 weeks. See what I meant? 

I knew what I signed up for but I was not prepared for the physical, mental and emotional torture by the back-to-back exam. I should have trusted May when she told me this shit couldn't be done when she was doing her exam last year. Thou she passed hers in the first attempt I should be glad that she had not gone mad (yet) and same goes to all of us who did the exam and still survive. Hello fellow survivors! *wave*
in case you miss me, here's a very recent photo of my back. teehee!

xx, shan

Saturday, 20 August 2016

95\\ Cinque Terre love affairs

Florence - Pisa - Cinque Terre - Florence - Rome

As I have stated in my previous post, we continued our journey to Cinque Terre after dropping by at Pisa for an hour or so. We bought the one-day Cinque Terre card which is valid for unlimited train ride at any time until midnight of the day. We did this because we thought we were going to visit all the 5 Terre. Unfortunately the weather was awfully hot and the heat seemed to be draining our energy, we only managed to visit 2 of them. 
the xxxl pizza. I doubt it will be enough for 8. 
It is good enough to feed 4 thou!

 Colorful cliff side of Manarola
This place is so stunning it doesn't even look real!
I know, you should be able to find tons of photos looking like this when you google 'Manarola'
I am sorry to be the one to spill to it you, but Manarola actually looks like
THIS! with zero editing. #realityslap
Now, do not get me wrong, this place is breathtaking, it's just that it's not as vibrant as seen on internet, that's all. 

Crystal clear water. I would jump into the sea anytime. Even if I can't swim. 
- Nessun Dorma -
Stopped by this little place to have some nibbles and drinks. It is high on the hill overlooking the town and the bay. Took us a little walk uphill from the center of the village, but it's all worth it. The views here are unbeatable. 
I forgot what did we ordered. some alcoholic beverages, some focaccia.

We thought there weren't much to explore since they are only 5 small towns and we could visit all of them in a day. But no, each town has its unique characteristics and sights. If I had the chance to plan our trip again, I would make sure we stay for a night or two. Just to enjoy the summer heat.

Xx, Shan