Tuesday, 27 December 2016

100\\ Ho! Ho! Ho!

Merry Christmas y'all! A lil late I  know but it's better late than never isn't it?

And... This is the 100th post for this blog we rarely update. *insert achievement unlocked meme* Hurray for the lack of creativeness and lazy bloggers, well done and keep it up. *pat Jo's shoulder*

Aside from achieving 100 blog post in the span of 3 years, December is such a festive time of year, we had lots of fun, I hope you enjoyed yours too!

Christmas tree shoot

My celebrations began 2 weeks back when I was having Christmas dinner at Le Meridien Hotel with my fellow colleagues. It was my first company event in life and it's so sweet of them to include me for the dinner as I've been in for barely 3 months.

Awesome people at home.

This is my third year celebrating Christmas at Jo's place, and I'll definitely keep it as our tradition. Thank you Loo mama for the yummy food! Got Jo's choice of gift by luck during gift exchange, it's a room perfume and now my room smells like hers. *sniff*

This bunch of people got us a lot of attention when we are gathered together. The bad kind of attention. Hey you people, Christmas or not, I'm glad I have you being by my side and embarrassing me/us. Kinda enjoy the embarrassment.

Just in case I'm late again, HAPPY NEW YEAR IN ADVANCE GUYS!

xx, shan

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