Saturday, 5 December 2015

83\\ postcard addiction

I've started postcrossing a year ago and I'm still doing it today.

The basic idea is to send a postcard to a random address assigned to you and receive a surprise mail back from a random person in the world.

It all started last year when I was still in UK, I came across the official postcrossing website and sent my first postcard. I couldn't stop since then. I check my mailbox once every few days to see if I got my postcards back and get all excited reading what they have written for me.

Back in Liverpool, the hall receptionist saw me holding a big stack of postcards and asked,
"How many postcards have you gotten so far?"
To be honest, I have no idea how many exactly I have in my collection so I made a rough guess
"Maybe 20?" 

I rushed up to my room to look at my postcards wall, I was astonished learning that I have received more 50 postcards in just a couple of months! I've my favorite postcards pasted on my wall using blu-tacks. I rearrange them from time to time and reread the messages behind, it reminds me about how these little mails brighten my days back in Liverpool.

I totally love this idea! Receiving mails with lovely stamps and postmarks from unheard places, learning their cultures, knowing their stories of that place, isn't that amazing?

xx, Shan

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

82\\ love me, love me, say that you love me

Hey guys! I know I haven't been updating for some time, please say that you miss me!

Life has been (fairly) great back in Malaysia. Been on a couple of food trips which is awesome and bad at the same time because my sister wedding is coming soon and I'm afraid I cannot fit into those bridesmaid's dresses judging from the way I gulp my food. But anyhoo, thank you, my food partners, for all the food trips we have done, from Ipoh, Melaka, as well as Kuantan and KL! Thanks for feeding me all the food that I (do not) deserve. TEEHEE.

Oh good news everyone! Not for you but Jo and I. We are classmate now, after knowing her for 5 years. I know right, this is crazy but it is exactly how I imagine. We laugh at some stupid jokes, make weird noises, and then start laughing again. Not to mention munching almonds and green tea kitkats occasionally. You should see the bag I bring to class, it is filled with snacks, nuts and bread, I seriously love having Jo class.

Celebrated my overdue birthday at Signature @ The Roof. Thanks for the little surprise, I really did not expect it. You know your friends truly love you when they celebrate your birthday even when it is 4 months late. And I love you tooooooooo.

xx, Shan

Saturday, 31 October 2015

81\\ Dear UK

I know exactly how overdue this post is, but just so you know... Hey, I've graduated!

After many years of tumble and fall, I finally did it. I have one of the greatest year in my life in UK, not anything near productive, but all is well. A year has gone by, and you will be surprised how things can be so different. I always know how independent and strong-minded I am, but I'm afraid of changes. I was really nervous before going to UK, I have a better-than-average life in Malaysia, I have my family and friends here, I don't need to cook or even buy groceries on my own, I basically don't need to do anything; lazy AF. But things got different in UK, you never know how independent you are until you have no one to depend on but yourself. Mama was a lil overwhelmed when I get almost everything done by myself during the trip. But to make it clear, I always know what to do, it's just that I don't do it, because I'm lazy like that (there's difference between don't know and don't want). However, I'm still the pro in procrastination. Heh!

Thank you, mama. For giving me the best. I wouldn't have such great opportunity to study in UK if it wasn't for you.
The trios, for being there when I needed them. I miss those late night drinking games, midnight steamboat, singing and doing squats in the kitchen. Thanks for 'saving me', and I just have to make it clear again that I did not ever attempt suicide. But thank you. Believe it or not, I miss you guys a lot.
And thanks for all the free stays that I've been offered when I have nowhere to go, in Hatfield, Bristol, Newport and Breckon. And everyone else name not mentioned.

I don't know what have I done the past life to deserve all these positive vibes, but I'm really grateful for each and everything I have now. (:

p/s: being back home now, I really do miss the total freedom I had in UK. Don't get me wrong, I love being home, but having the idea that there's always someone checking on you (have you clean this, have you done that), that's the part I don't quite enjoy, and I secretly wish to rent a house out there and have my things all over the places, laying in the bed for ever, not taking shower... ok, getting gross. wtf. never mind. Anyway,

Dear UK,
Thanks for all the memories. ♥

x, jo.

Friday, 4 September 2015

80\\ only by the night

Greetings from Hatfield,

yup. I'm still in UK, and very unlike this blog I'm still alive and kickin'. Supposed to be back in Malaysia in July, but since I have withdrawn from my BAR application, I decided to spend more time here in UK whilst waiting for my graduation ceremony this coming 15th. That means Loo Mama will be here in few days; more travelling and kiss UK goodbye.

Shan has been hell of an ass, harassing me and my diet plan across 1654813km in our group chat sending me photos of foodie, ugh! I too want to be back, I want 'em food in my stomach, not in that damn phone.

Anyway, I was supposed to travel alone before mama comes, but look at the exchange rates.. I cannot. So I spent most of my time snuggling in my bed, watch movies, dramas, variety shows and read some books. I think I like doing these, of course exploring the world comes top on the list. But if money is the concern, I'll stay and do what I do best. Smirks.

Can't wait to be back in Malaysia, and I know I'll surely miss my life in UK. All the companies I had, the late night cooking, card games, monopoly, singing and drinking. In fact, I'm missing it already.

x, jo

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

79\\ homebound

Did not have any sign of 'I am going home' until I have to book a train ticket to the Manchester Airport last night.

Yeah, I'm now sitting at the airport waiting for departure. Recalling the first day I was here, anxious and worried. Call me cheesy but I'm going to miss UK.

I've met new people in life.
I've done things I'd never tried before.
I've been to places I never thought I'll be going to.

But now, I am going home.

Friday, 7 August 2015

78\\ Graduated.

I did it. Wearing the graduation robe and mortarboard I've been longing for.
There are so many people that I  need to thank.

My parents, who'd given me all they can to send me to Liverpool so I can finish my degree in the best study environment. 

My friends, just when I thought I'm going to spend a year in UK alone, you guys surprised me, We spent so much time together, I'd call us family. 

Including my Malaysian friends whom overcome the time difference and listen to me when I'm stressed or when I'm in anger.

Liverpool was great and that;s because all of you made it happened.
The sleepless nights, curry laksa at 4am, insanely cold winter, and each of you.

I hope I made you proud when I tell you,


xx, shan

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

77\\ Graduated

This post is (more than) a week old, and that's how long I've been in Liverpool. Felt ultimately guilty for not updating the blog for three months, but we were busy travelling, moving around and now I'm here in Liverpool to attend Shan's convo. I intended to update it during this free time, but I don't have the my laptop with me, so yeahhhh... sounds like a good excuse

Anyway, congratulations to Shan Shan again! *pops confetti!* Officially a law graduate, oh btw, me too! YAY! *pops champagne* But my convo will be around September and Shan will be back in Malaysia already, ugh!

I was supposed to show some gratitude, but why?! It's her convo, she's supposed to do this post. *stares* I'll leave it to her and do mine after my convo. wtf


Wednesday, 27 May 2015

76\\ Brighton video diary

25 May 2015, after a week of procrastination after exam, we finally made a trip to Brighton. Not sure if you feel the same, but I feel even more stressed up after the end of exam period, planning trips (setting budgets, flights booking, where to stay) and to think of what to do in the future if not further study. But I'm really glad how our day trip worked out so well yesterday, no, Monday (I had a good 16 hours of sleep last night). Roller coasters rides, fish n chip, having a nap on the pebble beach, seagulls and non stop laughing from the start of the journey thanks to Kelly. 

Last but not least, good luck in your exam Shan. Best of luck, much love! ♥

Sunday, 24 May 2015

75\\ Amster-damn: day 1

Flight checked. Accommodation checked. Andddd, we're ready for Amsterdam.

The first day to Amsterdam is half a hell. Sleep deprived (travelling in itself basically leads to lack of sleep) plus having to face bitch face angmohs. Honestly, I still can't get used to their unfirendly service and attitude. They don't hold a smile like how Asians do, and it is rather discouraging. Alright, I myself have a serious case of bitch face, but.. at least... I'll smile when I have to. Anyway, ain't no bitch gonna pull me down.

Flight to Amsterdam is less than an hour, was supposed to catch some zzz, but that was too little time for nap. Touched down Eindhoven airport, fyi it is 1.5 hour away from Amsterdam, we have no choice but to touch down here as it was the cheapest fare we found, but try not to go from here, you get cheap tickets but with lots of inconvenience, more bout that later. But if you insist, here's how you can get to Amsterdam. (i warned you.)

Reached Central Station around 2pm, and took a bus to our home for the next 3 days. A 24 hours pass for all public transports is 7.50, we chose to take the public transport on the first day and then rent a bike to cycle around once we are familiar with the routes. Our stay was great, it is located quite near to the central and the host was really nice to have prepared us all the essentials ie. towels, shampoo, hair dryer, and even snacks and tea. Oh! And even guidebooks for her guests to use. We were welcomed by her friend Franco, although not so fluent in English, but still really helpful and gave us information for going around the city. :)

found our stay on Airbnb
and what makes it awesomer was this. it's just right across our apartment. (:
Settled down and we were supposed to visit Anne Frank House, travelling without data sucks, we stopped at earlier stops, and took us long enough to reach the museum. By the time we reach, it's 45 minutes before closing, we were still in time. However, as uninspired as us fools, we can't be bothered by history, fuck museums, cause we are all hungry. Soooo, dinner time!! BTW, we visited zero museum, whether on this, or the previous trip to Paris. As much as we wanna act all elegant/ hungry for knowledge, we learned the fact that we don't give a shit about museums/ history/ arts. And what? Entrance fee? I'll save that for food.

Had Indonesian food for dinner that night. Not sure if you know this, Indonesian cuisine is highly recommended than its traditional Dutch food. It's like, you can miss having dutch waffle but not Indonesian food (okay, I totally exaggerated this part, but try it. You won't regret.), it must be something to do with their colonial history, I don't know. All we care about is food.

It was our first time having such proper Indonesian food, the staff recommended us to get the rice table set that comes in a small portion for which we can taste various dishes. We ordered Ramayana (18.50/pax) and Shinta 18/pax). The food and service was excellent.

Overtoom 68, 1054 HL Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening time: 17:00 - 22:30 daily

p/s: girls who are travelling whether alone or in a group, be extra careful with your belongings and aware of people around you. the last time we visited Paris, I encounter a bunch of teenagers who came really near to me in the metro and one of them tried to put his hand into my bag, but did not succeed as I was holding my bag very tight. this time in Amsterdam, I met a flasher. wtf right? I know. but that really terrified me. forget bout it, just be really careful!


Monday, 18 May 2015

74\\ Liverpool Food Diary

Jo was here in Liverpool (for the second time) with me for a couple of days before we plan our Easter break. we have so many plans in our brain we ended up doing nothing for the whole week. 

all we did was, eat, and eat. 

counting down: 10 days to exam. x.x


Friday, 24 April 2015

73\\ Amsterdam bound

Can't believe how we planned everything in just a week. Decided to fly to Amsterdam in one afternoon and spent the next few days booking accommodation and creating our itinerary. Super thankful for Jo, my travel partner. I really do not know how to start planning our journey without her. I've to rely her for everything including booking our accommodation since I could not read the map.

Our three days stay in Amsterdam was superb. This is exactly what we see everyday we open the door. I love how we plan our trip, renting a bike and exploring the city ourselves after visiting red light district in the midnight. I was morose when we were in the bus leaving to the airport. We have only just begun to remember the way to get back to our apartment from the city, and we have to leave.

Traveling makes me realize how lucky I am, having the chance to see the world.

More to come, stay tune!

xx, Shan

Monday, 20 April 2015

72\\ amsterdam video diary

Hey ya!

It's the end of our Easter break and we are back from Amsterdam. It was a spontaneous trip suggested by someone we met in Liverpool, telling us that this will be the best time to visit Amsterdam for the tulips. And I, as eager as always, checked for cheap flight tickets right away and an adventure to Amsterdam is confirmed! I love how spontaneous/adventorous we are. Cheers to awesome us! 

More details on our next blog post. Here's a video diary of our Amsterdam trip. 
Have a wonderful start of the week. :)

x, jo.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

71\\ of spring and noms

I''m back from Liverpool. Was supposed to head to the north during this Easter break, so I bought a bus ticket to Liverpool as first stop and decided to plan the journey when we are at Shan's place. But things turn out... Just as I imagined, I kinda expected that we will not be heading anywhere except Liverpool itself. Oh well, procrastination at its finest.

Had dim sum at Mei Mei on the second day of our visit. Not sure if it's really good or I just simply miss dim sum, worth every single pound I would say. Not to mention their friendly service, and here is where the upcoming Amsterdam plan started. Thanks yo.

One of the many reason why I love Liverpool better than London (Hatfield, to be precise) is the people there. Shan is one, then her really nice flatmates. I was feeling unwell, Shan told them about me (roll eyes, and so much to thank you about), Tracy whom was really kind made me all kind of teas so that I can feel better, and Jochyn who share me her bed, thank you so much, fret not! I'll be back very soon, lol!

LEAF, to me is the best place to hang out for such wonderful weekend. There are wide selections of tea, just the right place for tea lover like me. We then had some mini photo shooting session on the upper floor where no one was there, occasionally having some couple who showed so much PDA at the couch area.

The next few days in Liverpool were mainly about food again. Fish n Chip at Albert Dock, dim sum again, afternoon tea at Cuthbert's and Moose Coffee on the last day. Also, thanks Shan for all the things she cooked for me just because I wanna try them. Very fattening mac and cheese, 很入味的卤肉饭, heart warming chicken herbal soup and heart melting japenese cheese cake. Ok, I think I'm really gonna marry you if our parents allow us to.

Signing off now, see you after Amsterdam. (:

x, jo.