Thursday, 28 August 2014

53\\ Egg Gratin

It was indeed a busy week for me (and probably Shan too), settling our Uni stuff and visiting new cafes. More about those next, need to save 'em for more future entries. *wink* Went to bed real late last night, then I decided to stay at home but found myself with no noms. And so I gather up whatever we have in the fridge and made myself some egg gratin. And here's the recipe, you're welcome. Easy recipe for lazy peeps, just like me.  

Serves: 2

1 onion
2 eggs
1 slice of ham
1 sausage (I usually put 3-4 button mushrooms)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
1/2 teaspoon of butter (to grease the bowls)
Black pepper and mixed herbs (or parsley flakes)

:: Preheat the oven to 200°C
:: Grease ramekins with melted butter
:: Dice onions, ham and sausage (or mushrooms)
:: Pan fry onions, then ham and sausage, but not browned
:: Fill 'em in to the ramekins and crack an egg into each servings, you may also fill in some cheese
:: Garnish it with some black pepper and mixed herbs
:: Bake for 10-15 minutes

DING! Enjoy! (:


Monday, 25 August 2014

52\\ Sometimes, I go out and dress like....

May came to fetch me for dinner couple weeks ago. I was not ready when she arrived and we were early for the dinner so she dropped by while waiting for me to change. I was in my pajamas (dont doubt, I wear pajamas all day if I dont have to go out, true definition of laziness) and when I saw her, I shouted

"Chua I want to dress like you today!"  

I grabbed my singlet with shorts, put on my sister's outer wear and here we go, the similar outfit. Sadly, none of our friends notice this that night but I certainly had fun and did it once again with Jo days later.

Sometimes, I go out and dressed like May

xx, Shan

Monday, 18 August 2014

51\\ METEORA @ Taipan, USJ 9

top: HK || skirt: brands outlet || bag & clutch bag: BKK

Had my late brunch with Drew this afternoon at Meteora. Found this place when we visit Murni Discovery in Taipan few months back (yeap, it's just right opposite Murni) , and I instantly fall for their interior, look at the lanterns! We didn't order much, cause Drew was quite full, but I was dead hungry. They do provide set lunch (choice of Pasta+ iced tea+ churros), so I ordered Crema de Pollo and they served both chocolate and salted caramel as dipping sauce for the Churos. 

...I'm hungry again, 3 hours after lunch, undeniable that they serve small portion of pasta, but all is good. I've seen good reviews on the burgers, would really love to try 'em. Also, it will be better to visit at night,I guess. Feel the romance. (:

54-1, Jalan USJ9/5P
Subang JayaSelangor 47620
Open daily: 10:00-23:00

x, jo

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

50\\ A Pie Thing @ Damansara Uptown

Saw my friend's photo at A Pie Thing and I was telling everyone: "We have to go there!" for  months yet never get to make it even though we'd tried to make effort to be there for a couple of times. It closes on Monday, opens at 4pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Such an odd hour, and we can never make it because you know, Damansara Uptown is all about traffic jam and limited parking lots. Finally last Saturday, I get to try this, two nights in a row. Perfect timing. 

Of course the wifi password for a pie place has to be pi. FIRST 9 DIGITS? All I can remember is 3.142. What say you?

From left: The Mashacre, a combination of pie of your choice ( we picked cheesy chicken) + mash potatoes + mash peas + brown sauce gravy, 
S'more and Nutella which comes with a scoop of ice cream
Saw that bottle of milk? Basically it's a bottle of heated milk and you just stir the dark chocolate stick in the milk while it is hot and BOOM! You have choco latte.

Us savoring the warm choco latte
 A rare photo of both of us.

 It was crowded both times I visited, and things sold off pretty fast. By the time we finished and I planned to take away some, it has already sold out. Things were good, so good that I dont mind going back the next day after dinner just to have the same pie again. It might be a bit sweet though, anyway, who doesnt like sweet stuff? Definitely not me.

xx, Shan

Saturday, 9 August 2014

49\\ langkawi photo diary


Have you ever get hit by the sand so strong that you just want to run away from the beach? Well, we surely did and had a good laugh. It feels like a thousand of needles poking on your skin. Blame the storm! Blame the storm! That trip consist nothing more than lounging at the pool, getting sunburn and feeling extremely hungry every 2-3 hours (big eater alert!). Spent three days in Langkawi staying in the same hotel. We were amazed by the interior, it's like a modern Bali villa kind of hotel, it wasn't big nor grand, but we just like it here. Not forgetting the friendly staffs, definitely coming back for the next trip.

I do enjoy spending time in Langkawi, and I'm certain that the boyfriend feels the same, or maybe his beer belly. (Yippee to duty free land) Lol. Caryn sure was amazed by this whole duty free thing, hahahahhahaha (inner joke). I miss spending time by the beach, to actually have salt water in my hair and hit by the wave... so hard it really hurts, it feels exactly like getting slap on the back, twice! *glare fiercely at the wave*

I'm back from all my vacations, gotta get really busy preparing for UK Lots of posts up ahead! Also, there's a lot more novels that I bought and have yet to read. Shall finish 'em up before I fly off. Time oh time.

Our stay: The Villa Langkawi

x, jo.