Wednesday, 27 May 2015

76\\ Brighton video diary

25 May 2015, after a week of procrastination after exam, we finally made a trip to Brighton. Not sure if you feel the same, but I feel even more stressed up after the end of exam period, planning trips (setting budgets, flights booking, where to stay) and to think of what to do in the future if not further study. But I'm really glad how our day trip worked out so well yesterday, no, Monday (I had a good 16 hours of sleep last night). Roller coasters rides, fish n chip, having a nap on the pebble beach, seagulls and non stop laughing from the start of the journey thanks to Kelly. 

Last but not least, good luck in your exam Shan. Best of luck, much love! ♥

Sunday, 24 May 2015

75\\ Amster-damn: day 1

Flight checked. Accommodation checked. Andddd, we're ready for Amsterdam.

The first day to Amsterdam is half a hell. Sleep deprived (travelling in itself basically leads to lack of sleep) plus having to face bitch face angmohs. Honestly, I still can't get used to their unfirendly service and attitude. They don't hold a smile like how Asians do, and it is rather discouraging. Alright, I myself have a serious case of bitch face, but.. at least... I'll smile when I have to. Anyway, ain't no bitch gonna pull me down.

Flight to Amsterdam is less than an hour, was supposed to catch some zzz, but that was too little time for nap. Touched down Eindhoven airport, fyi it is 1.5 hour away from Amsterdam, we have no choice but to touch down here as it was the cheapest fare we found, but try not to go from here, you get cheap tickets but with lots of inconvenience, more bout that later. But if you insist, here's how you can get to Amsterdam. (i warned you.)

Reached Central Station around 2pm, and took a bus to our home for the next 3 days. A 24 hours pass for all public transports is 7.50, we chose to take the public transport on the first day and then rent a bike to cycle around once we are familiar with the routes. Our stay was great, it is located quite near to the central and the host was really nice to have prepared us all the essentials ie. towels, shampoo, hair dryer, and even snacks and tea. Oh! And even guidebooks for her guests to use. We were welcomed by her friend Franco, although not so fluent in English, but still really helpful and gave us information for going around the city. :)

found our stay on Airbnb
and what makes it awesomer was this. it's just right across our apartment. (:
Settled down and we were supposed to visit Anne Frank House, travelling without data sucks, we stopped at earlier stops, and took us long enough to reach the museum. By the time we reach, it's 45 minutes before closing, we were still in time. However, as uninspired as us fools, we can't be bothered by history, fuck museums, cause we are all hungry. Soooo, dinner time!! BTW, we visited zero museum, whether on this, or the previous trip to Paris. As much as we wanna act all elegant/ hungry for knowledge, we learned the fact that we don't give a shit about museums/ history/ arts. And what? Entrance fee? I'll save that for food.

Had Indonesian food for dinner that night. Not sure if you know this, Indonesian cuisine is highly recommended than its traditional Dutch food. It's like, you can miss having dutch waffle but not Indonesian food (okay, I totally exaggerated this part, but try it. You won't regret.), it must be something to do with their colonial history, I don't know. All we care about is food.

It was our first time having such proper Indonesian food, the staff recommended us to get the rice table set that comes in a small portion for which we can taste various dishes. We ordered Ramayana (18.50/pax) and Shinta 18/pax). The food and service was excellent.

Overtoom 68, 1054 HL Amsterdam, Netherlands
Opening time: 17:00 - 22:30 daily

p/s: girls who are travelling whether alone or in a group, be extra careful with your belongings and aware of people around you. the last time we visited Paris, I encounter a bunch of teenagers who came really near to me in the metro and one of them tried to put his hand into my bag, but did not succeed as I was holding my bag very tight. this time in Amsterdam, I met a flasher. wtf right? I know. but that really terrified me. forget bout it, just be really careful!


Monday, 18 May 2015

74\\ Liverpool Food Diary

Jo was here in Liverpool (for the second time) with me for a couple of days before we plan our Easter break. we have so many plans in our brain we ended up doing nothing for the whole week. 

all we did was, eat, and eat. 

counting down: 10 days to exam. x.x