Saturday, 20 August 2016

95\\ Cinque Terre love affairs

Florence - Pisa - Cinque Terre - Florence - Rome

As I have stated in my previous post, we continued our journey to Cinque Terre after dropping by at Pisa for an hour or so. We bought the one-day Cinque Terre card which is valid for unlimited train ride at any time until midnight of the day. We did this because we thought we were going to visit all the 5 Terre. Unfortunately the weather was awfully hot and the heat seemed to be draining our energy, we only managed to visit 2 of them. 
the xxxl pizza. I doubt it will be enough for 8. 
It is good enough to feed 4 thou!

 Colorful cliff side of Manarola
This place is so stunning it doesn't even look real!
I know, you should be able to find tons of photos looking like this when you google 'Manarola'
I am sorry to be the one to spill to it you, but Manarola actually looks like
THIS! with zero editing. #realityslap
Now, do not get me wrong, this place is breathtaking, it's just that it's not as vibrant as seen on internet, that's all. 

Crystal clear water. I would jump into the sea anytime. Even if I can't swim. 
- Nessun Dorma -
Stopped by this little place to have some nibbles and drinks. It is high on the hill overlooking the town and the bay. Took us a little walk uphill from the center of the village, but it's all worth it. The views here are unbeatable. 
I forgot what did we ordered. some alcoholic beverages, some focaccia.

We thought there weren't much to explore since they are only 5 small towns and we could visit all of them in a day. But no, each town has its unique characteristics and sights. If I had the chance to plan our trip again, I would make sure we stay for a night or two. Just to enjoy the summer heat.

Xx, Shan

Thursday, 11 August 2016

94\\ italy travel diaries

Venice - Florence - Pisa - Cinque Terre - Florence - Rome

Train ride from Venice to Florence takes around 2 hours. We didn't pre-book our tickets, we simply head to the train station and get the ticket. Florence, the place where we had most amount of gelato during the whole one month trip. If you ask me to list down why not to travel during summer, the weather will definitely be top reason. The crowd will be the next on the list. 

We were told by our Airbnb host that the hottest temperature ever recorded in the city that summer was 40°C. Holy, this is even worse than Malaysia. All we can do is take as much gelato as possible to cool ourselves down. 

We hop onto the train from Florence to Cinque Terre with a stop in Pisa - where we bought ticket to visit the cathedral and the museum at €9. To our surprise, there were no pizza place in sight so no, we did not have pizza in Pisa (what a pun) You should probably see the look of disappointment on Jo's face 'I didn't have pizza in Pisa.' she murmured, all the way back to Florence. 
you're right. more gelato
melted right away.
Photo by Jo. 
I adore how she always able to find the cutest street doodle and take the picture of them.
- Ponte Vecchio - 
old bridge with houses on it
 Florence by the night.
catching our train to Pisa.
our ticket to Pisa from to Florence
sightseeing ticket
your usual tourist attraction.
- leaning tower of Pisa -
not your typical tourist photo. instead of holding it, we grab it

see ya,