Wednesday, 4 November 2015

82\\ love me, love me, say that you love me

Hey guys! I know I haven't been updating for some time, please say that you miss me!

Life has been (fairly) great back in Malaysia. Been on a couple of food trips which is awesome and bad at the same time because my sister wedding is coming soon and I'm afraid I cannot fit into those bridesmaid's dresses judging from the way I gulp my food. But anyhoo, thank you, my food partners, for all the food trips we have done, from Ipoh, Melaka, as well as Kuantan and KL! Thanks for feeding me all the food that I (do not) deserve. TEEHEE.

Oh good news everyone! Not for you but Jo and I. We are classmate now, after knowing her for 5 years. I know right, this is crazy but it is exactly how I imagine. We laugh at some stupid jokes, make weird noises, and then start laughing again. Not to mention munching almonds and green tea kitkats occasionally. You should see the bag I bring to class, it is filled with snacks, nuts and bread, I seriously love having Jo class.

Celebrated my overdue birthday at Signature @ The Roof. Thanks for the little surprise, I really did not expect it. You know your friends truly love you when they celebrate your birthday even when it is 4 months late. And I love you tooooooooo.

xx, Shan