Wednesday, 30 July 2014

47\\ hi and bye

Yeap, finally got my hair fixed. Nothing much, just dyed a new color and trimmed a lil, but wasn't exactly the color I wanted. Anyway, good change I would say. Was supposed to blog more often since it's holiday, but I'm just too busy travelling around, with friends and family. Ain't complaining. I'm back, but flying off to Taiwan tomorrow. Just posting this really short ass post so you won't notice my absence. I'll be back next week. (: 
Signing off now, gotta continue packing. Will blog in Taiwan, if I'm not lazy, slim chance tho. TEEHEE!



xx, jo

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

46\\ Birthday dinner @ Acme Bar & Coffee

Exam finished two weeks back and my holiday finally began! Did precisely nothing, I just have to pick a choice: to hang out or to stay at home. And then I realized there is something important that I haven't done, which is to blog my super grand birthday wtf. Joann came out with that title since she was there 4 days out of the 5 celebrations, she knows better.

This is how it happened. They (not so) secretly created a whatsapp group to discuss about my birthday plan. Unfortunately, I was too smart and found out about the whole thing and ended up I (sort of) planned my own birthday celebration myself. 

I choose the venue myself. Of course they gave me a few choices which is La Vien Rose and Acme Bar & Coffee which I picked the latter. Not to forget about the cake! I picked my own birthday cake. I told them I wanted a cake from +Wondermilk, the guys were at the shop buying my cake while I was getting myself ready for the dinner, which then, I told them to snap the photo of the cakes and let me choose the design. Yes, basically I planned my own birthday party. Although there weren't any elements of surprise, there is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.

Venue: Acme Bar & Coffee
I always wanted to try their famous sizzling brownie, having a full course meal over was a bonus.

 Moroccan Pineapple Grilled Chicken Breast
Honestly, it was so long ago I dont remember how it tasted like. There was no complaint so let's assume that it was good. 

Grilled Marinated Lamb Shoulder
I can assure you that this is good, because it was mine! I'd say it was one of best among all the dishes we had that night. 

Sizzling Brownie & Oreo ice-cream
Insisted to order this and pavlova even though we have cake. Super sinful, super delicious. The pavlova on the other hand, doesnt even deserve to be posted on this blog. You know how bad it was. 

These were the food shots I got that night. There were 9 of us so we didnt get to take the photos of everyone's food but we did exchanged our food and I'd say the food were pretty decent. With reasonable price of the foods and the ambiance was fantastic, we had great night spending dinner over there. However, the service was such a let down, the waiter was utterly rude when he was taking our orders. Anyway, it doesnt affect the awesomeness of the night.

My present, my rainbow cake and Chong, the mastermind of this whole celebration. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Joann,  the VIP of my so very super grand birthday celebration. You know I loveeey you!

 Once again, thank you guys for coming -- you guys made my night. I  understand how stressed up and busy we all were preparing our finals, I had a blast! 

xx, Shan

Thursday, 17 July 2014

45\\ myBurgerLab + ootd

top & accessories: h&m\ belt, bag & watches: bangkok\ shorts: taobao
I love love love, mad love the burger! The Geisha (Sliced Japanese cucumber, Wakame seaweed, Sharp Cheddar, Roasted Sesame Sauce, and Panko Fried Chicken.), pretty much the best burger I ever had (cowboy burger 2nd, more bout it soon). If you're a seaweed lover, you will be surprised how great the 'nihon' kicks in. It was a sudden company dinner with mom and my two friend colleagues. Yup, I'm always getting my friends to work for my mom, and it feels like having timebomb with me, all the time (you know, my secrets my mom didn't know), and make sure they filter every single word before they even speak. But you know what's the biggest problem? Friendly mom. *roll eyes*

I'm back from Langkawi. That trip was super fun. Honestly, I wasn't expecting much from that trip, as there was some changes, but thing goes pretty well. We've enjoyed so much, and had the urge to extend our stay. Like seriously, sun, beach and waves. Close to heaven. :) Langkawi post will be up soon. And yes, about the ootd, the same shorts again. Teehee!


Monday, 7 July 2014

44\\ seventh seventh

top & belt  from Bangkok
shades: Vincci accessories
necklace: KWC
bag: HK
shorts: taobao
holiday has been good to me till i received a text from the college, and my holiday ended earlier, in the midst of preparing for my resit paper (yes, i failed land law just as i expected). but so far, i only have one chapter covered, which is a big no no for me. BUT! langkawi trip is still on, this Sunday, and I can't wait to see my girls again. finally a proper getaway. speaking of which, i will be visiting Taiwan at the end of the month too. Made all the bookings before mummy change her mind again, and this time it is firm. (: I can't wait to see you Taiwan.

the above outfit post was taken before my previous exam, and it's finally up here. i guess joann loo is the new pronoun of lazy.

x, jo

Sunday, 6 July 2014

43\\ double the two

Hey I'm back! Am doing my final exam for my year two now and I am no difference from a zombie. Keep telling myself, two more papers, and I am done!

My 22nd birthday was (almost) two weeks before my exam and still, I celebrated 5 days continuously. I know, FIVE DAYS! We took this opportunity to gather everyone who loves me (I love them even more!) to visit the places I always wanted to go. Celebration was great but the companions were better! Even my mum asked,
“How many times do you want to celebrate your birthday? You think you Kim Kardashian ah?”

Oh guess what? Out of 5 days, Joann was there for 4 times. Oh you know, Good friend who finished exam.
Now, we still meet after every paper of mine for Shanny Post Exam Celebration, (SPEC). Normally different circle of friends but Joann will be there all the time. Just a short gathering for me to talk alot with people I love too much with more food.

Too much celebration for 2014, too much love. Ain't complaining!