Sunday, 22 February 2015

68\\ gong hei fatt choi

It's the fourth day of Chinese New Year, and just the same as Shan, I'm having classes too, even worse rushing coursework that's gonna due on Tuesday. You probably won't even know it's CNY without anyone telling you. Not a single hint of the CNY atmosphere here, and it's real sad. I guess mom has her car playing CNY songs right after Christmas already, and I miss it, though I was pretty annoyed by it. Btw, it's Loo Mama's birthday today! Happy birthday may may, much love from UK.heart emotico

Everyone was having reunion dinner on the 18th, le elder brother even sent me photos of every dish my mom cooked for the dinner. He thought it was funny or sweet, I understand that cause I might be doing the same shit if I were him, but... I literally cried, too emotional plus serious homesick shit. And so I stayed in my room crying until I fell asleep (I know right, dramatic sia) and woke up by the trios for simple dinner that night. 

On the first day of CNY (basically, there's no difference here, but we/I want it to be special!), woke up early to do groceries shopping for our reunion dinner, and we had been working nonstop since then. Gathered at my flat to cook, and whilst preparing for the dinner, I made kimchi jjigae for ourselves and it was shoooo damn good! Recipes will be up next. ;)

For dinner we have sweet and sour fish, brocolli mushroom and scallop, the heavenly siew yok, soy sauce shrimps and a whole chicken. Ohhh, and really heart warming cabbage soup. Literally 大鱼大肉 man.... And we are proud of our outcomes. *insert lansi face* But most of all, thanks to our Chef Alex, and assistants chef junior Jeff, Desmond and yours truly. High infinity high fives to the trios for being so awesome. Yay!

And things went back to normal, I need to get back to my work right now. Siew yok was good, but I really miss bak gwa, pineapple tarts, chrysanthemum tea and of course angpaos! Ohh, and have I ever mentioned? I made a few pretty girl friends here. Finally not the only girl hanging out with the guys, so happy I cry! (Maymay, don't worry, I'm not alone. Hahah)

Once again, Gong Hei Fatt Choi. 恭喜发财
With love, from UK.

x, jo

Friday, 20 February 2015

67\\ chinese new year 2015

Happy Chinese New Year guys! Sad not, I still have classes on chinese new year albeit it is only one or two hour classes. Back in Malaysia, one week break is already short for us now we have none. NONE! After all, we have 15 days for Chinese New Year isn't it?

Heard chinese new year song playing in a Chinese supermarket the other day and I was surprisingly happy. Our supermarket start playing it the day right after Christmas for subsequent two months to remind us how near chinese new year is and it is freaking annoying to listen to the same song for 61489 times a day all sang by different people. Never know that I somehow need all these songs now to feel like home.

Things I miss about Chinese New Year in UK:

1)My family

I miss my mum's cooking, my dad blasting chinese new year songs and how my sister complains about my laziness. No, of course I dont miss the spring cleaning part. But I miss how we wash our car porch together after dinner while thinking what should I wear for the first day of chinese new year.

2) Reunion Dinner

Everyone posted the photos of their reunion dinner my heart screams "I want!" every time I scroll Facebook. I actually tried to control myself and guess what? My family and friends kept sending me photo of the food they are having for reunion dinner now makes me so much sadder! I want to lou sang too, I want to be part of them too! Anyway I prepared my reunion dinner for 5 with Tracy so dont have to worry. (Mum, dont have to worry if you are reading this.)

3) The J Monsters

This bunch of people has been visiting my house during chinese new year since I was 17 (or 16?). The rule is, they can stay as late as they want as long as I am still awake. They treat my house like their own. Fixing the karaoke and sing themselves, grabbing the cold drinks in my fridge and stalking my sister. (!!) It is really fun, always fun to have them around. It is most probably the only gathering I have with most of them every year.

4) Cookies and Bah Kua

Kenyung told me he is sending me these last week and I have been checking my mailbox everyday to make sure I get my hand on them the moment they reach my hostel. Not only bah gua, also fish crackers and pineapple tarts! I miss munching all day and night and there are still a table full of cookies at the end of chinese new year.

5) Angpaos

 I dont have photo of angpaos in my picture folders but I dont want to just simply grab one on the internet. Who doesnt know how angpaos look like right. I remember filling in the angpaos the night before chinese new year and secretly observe to check how much is my mum giving out to each of my relative since I know the amount inside by differentiating the design of the angpao packets. Anyway, if you're looking for me while giving out angpaos, please hand them to my sister. She will convert 'em into pounds and send to me. Thank you very much for your kindness. Just kidding (or not)

Enjoy your day everyone! You're going to miss it when you are away from home, like me.

xx, Shan

Saturday, 14 February 2015

66\\ babble

Spend whole morning thinking should I go out or spend the rest of my day watching movies in my bed as usual. Totally agree with Jo about this whole day-light saving shit. Sometimes I refused to get out of my room because I dont find the point of it since the day is getting dark in two hours.

As someone who lived in Malaysia for the past 22 years, I always fantasize about winter. White snow, cute beanies and hot chocolate topped with marshmallows. How shallow! Now, I dislike winter. I dislike getting ready to go out for a walk and regret immediately the moment I leave my hostel when the cold wind blows. I'd rather pay 1 pound for Tesco to send me my food than going out to buy groceries myself.

 I was feeling uneasy for hiding in my room all the time. So, I woke up extra early yesterday, made up my mind to go out for a walk after being encouraged by Jiamin and I was refreshed. Though I took a little nap after class in the evening.

Enough of babbling. Happy valentines everybody! I think today is the perfect day to spend some alone time with yourself. Make valentine's day about loving yourself as well.

xx, Shan