Tuesday, 19 December 2017

108\\ Santorini photo diary

Tinos - Mykonos -Tinos - Santorini

photos by Jo, mostly.
When I was planning our trip to Greece, Jo told me
"I dont care where are we staying in Italy. But we are staying in Oia in Santorini!"

So Oia it is!

We took a ferry from our previous stay, Tinos early in the morning. I remember I was checking the ferry schedule for Santorini during dinner time and they have only 2 departures a day, either early in the morning or late in the evening. Worst, it was too late to book a ticket online at that time. I'd terribly bad panic attacked - we wanted to reach earlier because it's Santorini! 

We booked a cab for the next morning in advance, and so, we reached just in time for the counter to open and bought the ticket at 9 to Santorini. It's only a 3 hours(or so) of ferry ride. We couldn't hide our excitement anymore! We hired two cars at the ferry port and drove ourselves all the way to Oia.

our little private balcony facing the sea
 breakfast for six, prepared by the host.


magnificent sunset view 

if you think Santorini is all about glamorous sea view and romantic sunset just the two of you
this is the reality
waiting for the sunset.

greek-style beer//
santorini by the night
if you're planning a trip to Santorini and looking for stay, try them. 
you wont regret.

xx, shan

Friday, 3 November 2017

106\\ Taipei Day-7

台北 Day-7 (桃园)

(对没错,要从最后一天说到第一天,人生偶尔要逆着走 # thuglife)

在台湾多留了一天 因为班机被取消

在机场的Hotel Information Counter问了一下
就决定住在  原鶴商務飯店  (离桃园机场仅20分钟)
2,500台币一晚 还有机场来回接送

喜欢他们 簡約的日式裝修風格  房間全部以木質裝潢
簡單的線條設計 仿佛身在日本

一樓大廳每天早上免費供應自助中西式早餐 让你吃饱饱去机场

胖只需一时 减肥至少要流三桶汗

more about Taiwan next, stay tuned! xiexieni! (:

Friday, 30 June 2017

105\\ Jo's Birthday Road Trip 2017

2 May 2017, Tuesday

It was a casual weekday, casual only because we are a group of unemployed, and making a road trip on weekdays is our only contribution to the society. HAHAHAHAHA.

Birthday meals are too mainstream, so we decided to have a road trip to Sekinchan. As usual we made lots of stupid jokes, laughing out loud like we own the paddy fields, and eating our hearts out.

Enjoy the video. :P


Thursday, 25 May 2017

104\\ what's on your playlist?

I'm curious what your top songs playlist sounds like.
Mine? K-pop, mostly! 

I do know a few people who anti k-pop and their arguments will be 
'you don't even understand what they're singing.'
BUT! Honestly, how often do you really understand Chinese and English songs?
Unless you really read the lyrics, or else that's just it.
Or more often than not, there's only that one sentence that tugs at your heartstrings. 
So why can't k-pop? NO ONE CAN HURT MY OPPAS! Lolololol

Decided to share songs that I listen to daily, picked 20 songs,
mix of Chinese, English and Korean, and made a playlist here.

Recently I'm in love with Hyukoh, a K indie rock band, their songs are so different and I absolutely love it. I know them through Infinity Challenge, and Zion. T was also one of the singer-songwriter that went on the show, alongside with IU and Big Bang. Zion.T's Eat has the most heartwarming lyrics and MV. 4th and 18th songs by Roy Kim are my lullabies. His voice is probably the most soothing ones, and I want my future husband to sound just like that. HAHAHAHAHA. I'm also kinda sad that he's so underrated, probably because he don't do mainstream music. More on the playlists, hope you like it.

1. HYUKOH- Wi ing Wi ing | 2. ZION.T- Eat | 3. ERIC NAM- Can't Help Myself | 4. ROY KIM- Heaven | 5. IU- Friday
6. F(X)- 4 Walls | 7. BLACKPINK- Whistle | 8. BRUNO MARS- That's What I Like | 9. COSMOSPEOPLE宇宙人-  一萬小時 | 10. COSMOSPEOPLE宇宙人- 浪費一整天
11. YOGA LIN 林宥嘉- 一點點 | 12. ERIC周興哲 - 我愛過你 | 13. KAYEE 譚嘉儀 - Can You See |14. CHET FAKER- Gold | 15. CHET FAKER- Talk Is Cheap
16. CHET FAKER- No Diggity | 17. GEORGIE FAME- Sunny | 18. ROY KIM- Everything (cover) | 19. URBAN ZAKAPA- I Don't Love You | 20. ED SHEERAN- Kiss Me.

Have a good day! :)

ps: I'm just so proud that Shan is finally a kpop lover too! She was sorta an anti, no wait. Not anti, but.... Yeah, she was. I remember she will switch radio channels if they start playing kpop, and that one time it was Big Bang's. I secretly gave her a dead stare. And now, she listens to Big Bang errrrrrrrday. Karma (good one, of course). Teehee!

x, jo

Monday, 20 March 2017

103\\ Short Bangs

Here's a short update of what we did to our hair. If you look back at it, you will realize that we always do stupid things together, spontaneously. And HERE is why. I'm not sure if cutting your bangs short is a stupid move, but it's definitely not a smart move. Quoting Jeff, 'If you need 3 of you to gather courage to cut together, that means it's a wrong move' Hahahaha. I can't agree more, but the thing is... I don't regret it at all, mostly because I stay at home most of the time. Lol

Shan was at my place on that fine Sunday, where we were too full for any tea and cakes, so we just lay around at my place and think what else can we do other than cafe-hopping. Then she suggested to go for a haircut, bangs-cut I mean. Which is something I wanted to do, but too lazy to visit a hair salon. Heh.

"I'll text Wei May and see if she wants to go, we'll go if she on." 

and the rest is history. Hahaha.

The night before, I kept sending them all sorts of links and photos of celebrities cutting short bangs. But never thought that we would be cutting it the next day. And FYI, it's not your regular short bangs, so short that it's above your eyebrows. Lolol. Like this,

Cute right???? But yeah, I forgotten the fact that they are celebrities, that's why they look good no matter what;
we look like nothing but potatoes.