Saturday, 4 February 2017

101\\ Tabiyo Shop

Hey, calling all journal lovers!

Jo and I got a traveller's notebook together before we fly to UK but we hardly record anything thou it was the year we traveled the most. Until I came back to Malaysia and realized that I have to make full use of it since I spent so much on it right!

My first traveller's notebook. Well fed with memories, see how bloated it is? Anddd, my new notebook needs a cover.

We had a little road trip to Seremban last Oct for the soft opening of Tabiyo shop courtesy of Wen Yea. This is an exciting event for newbies like us, getting to explore new brands and spend more money, of course.
from blogshop to physical store.
 Traveler's factory stamps.
checking the price product.
 washi tapes, in all sizes, colors and patterns.
  stationary lovers' heaven
 gift wrapping idea, keeping it simple yet elegant. 
photography hot spot!
the girls. 

Confession time! We (Jo and I) did not get anything that day itself. Not because the stationery were not attractive. I have the urge to buy them all, the washi tapes, rubber stamps, classiky papers, I SWEAR!  I just couldn't make up my mind at that point of time. The owner was kind enough to provided some stationery/stamps to play around in the shop. But I didnt have my traveller's notebook with me so I cheapskate-ly brought home some of them along with some Seremban siewbao.

I come back again, and I will make sure I bring along my traveller's notebook by then. Hopefully soon,  taa!

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