Thursday, 1 January 2015

61\\ no longer (half) blonde

Courage is contagious. Especially when you are with your best friend. That being said, you tend to do stupid things when you're being encouraged by your best friend. In our case, I don't know if this is stupid but it took a bit more than courage to be done.

We cut our hair ourselves. Just like that.

Jo woke up this morning and said

"I don't know if I should cut my fringe." She walked into the bathroom with a pair of scissors.

Then she came out with a strand of hair in her hand. So I got up and shouted

"I want to cut my hair too!"

And the pictures tell you the rest of the stories.

I love my (half) blond hair. I love how people compliment them when I curl them up or tie them into fishtail. But the split ends are getting on my nerves. They are really frizzy and dry I don't like that the way they are anyway. I always thought I should wait for them to grow ass long then chop them off only after I get back to Malaysia. You can certainly see how happy my mum is when I tell her about my hair. But yeah, I like how it is now, shoulder length, no more frizzy half dead hair.

Anyway, Happy new year! Off to London now with Jo for our new year eve celebration

xx, Shan

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